How To Verify Plate Number Authentication (FRSC): All You Need To Know

Welcome to Businessanthem. Verification of Plate Number means, checking the authenticity of an Automobile license plate number. Some of the major things to verify are:

Details registration of the vehicle with the relevant authorities, Vehicle status, Car color, Car model, Issue Date of the plate number, Chassis number, and Vehicle plate Number.

Through access to databases of the registered vehicles, online portals, mobile apps, Physical contact, and SMS to relevant authorities.

Several countries around the world use many ways to identify car or vehicle owners. The Federal Road Safety Commission(FRSC) is in charge of vehicle plate number registration, maintaining the standard to meet before vehicles are used on roads, and Promoting safety on the Road in Nigeria.

About Verify Plate Number

Verification of plate numbers can be traced back to the early 20th century when license plate numbers for vehicles were introduced. The automobile in industries become one of the great forces for economic development, transportation, and logistics.

The demand for vehicles continues to increase worldwide and Nigeria was not an exception. need to Identify vehicle and their owners become important. Authentication of automobile license plates was to ensure vehicles were correctly registered to their owners.

Some advanced countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom Started the verification of license plates through manual inspections by law enforcement officers or other officials. However the process was not smart, it was a time-consuming process and was not always effective in identifying counterfeit or stolen license plates.

With advanced technology such as computer vision and machine learning algorithms. Today, many countries, including Nigeria, have online portals and mobile apps that allow users to quickly and easily verify the authenticity of a vehicle’s plate number.

In Nigeria, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) introduced its Verify Plate Number service in 2012. Vehicle registration status, make and model, and owner details, were approved to be accessed online. By using a vehicle’s plate number and obtaining information

This development has improved road safety in many countries and has assisted in decreasing cases of vehicle theft and fraud.

Verification of plate numbers reflects the ongoing evolution of technology and the importance of ensuring that vehicles are properly registered to their owner for easy Identification.

The Importance Of Verify Plate Number

Before purchasing an automobile or using it on the road, it will be wise to make sure that it is registered legally and in good condition.

Here are some of the reasons for Verifying vehicle plate numbers

  1. Identifying stolen or illegally modified vehicles
  2. prevents fraudulent activities such as car cloning
  3. Ensuring that registration vehicle is legally
  4. It helps to verify vehicle ownership
  5. Essay to conduct a background check on the vehicle.
  6. To obtain insurance coverage for a vehicle, verification of plate number is necessary
  7. Help in enforcing traffic laws such as parking regulations
  8. Help in tollgate and tax collection.
  9. It helps to check the proper registration of vehicles
  10. Help in keeping the standard that Vehicles support to have before they are on the road.
  11. It Promotes safety on the road

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Vehicle Plate Number

An automobile plate number consists of a combination of letters and numbers that may convey information about their jurisdiction, type of vehicle, and registration date. Usually in the front and back of a vehicle. It is an authorized legal identity, that is given to a vehicle by a government agency.

It serves as a means of identification. If there is a criminal case or accident. The easy way to discover the owner of the vehicle is by identifying the plate number and investigating through the right channel.

Plate numbers vary depending on the country or state in which they are issued.

How To Verify Plate Number In Nigeria

Verifying the authenticity and identity of a vehicle plate number in Nigeria is possible in many ways. Through FRSC and Lagos State Government Vehicles Inspection service.

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FRSC Verify Plate Number

This is the process of confirming the authenticity of a vehicle’s license plate number through the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Nigeria. The Federal Road Safety Corps also provides driver’s license verification platforms online.

Registration and verification of plate numbers is the work of FRSC, a Government agency that is charged with the obligations to manage road safety and traffic in Nigeria and ensures that all vehicles on Nigerian roads are properly registered and meet safety standards.

Now, the FRSC has provided an online portal where users can enter a vehicle’s plate number and access information about the vehicle; Assemble, Model, Registration status, and Owner details.

Users can now Verify Plate Number service if they have access to the internet using a computer or a smartphone device through the FRSC portal or a third party.

The process is simple, what you need to do is to get the relevant information visit the FRSC website, and enter the vehicle’s plate number in a specified space on their website.

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Some of the common ways are;

  1. Accessing their online database
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Sending Text Message
  4. Going direct to the FRSC office
  5. Contacting the police for assistance or seeking a court permit.

Note Verification of plate number in Nigeria is only applicable to the new plate Number, the old plate number cannot be verified.

You can use any of these means as far as you know how to check a plate number owner and access credible information. Because all these ways can connect you directly to the Federal Road Safety Commission.

1. Verify Plate Number Online

Here is a guide on how to check vehicle plate numbers online.

  1. Visit the FRSC portal online or a third-party link. Login
  3. VehicleManagement/VerifyPlateNo
  4. Write the vehicle plate number in the provided box
  5. Continue by clicking on verify

The system will automatically display the validity of the plate number and also the type of car it makes and the owner.

2. Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps: There are several mobile apps available in Nigeria that allow users to verify the authenticity of a vehicle’s plate number. These apps typically use the FRSC database to provide information about the vehicle, and may also include features such as location tracking and real-time traffic updates.

3. Sending Text Message To 33324.

Send a text message with the vehicle’s plate number to a designated number provided by any authorized Government Agencies on plate number verification and receive information about the vehicle’s registration status in return.

Some states in Nigeria for example (Lagos State) have introduced SMS services on their website that allow users to access plate number verification.

4. Contacting A Police Station Or Seeking A Court Permit

Before approaching the police, have a clear reason why you need their assistance. Sometimes it may be a criminal issue that demands verification of vehicle plate numbers, so you may need police assistance to investigate or verify.

In such a situation, you have to provide information to the authorities so they can assist in tracking or arresting the culprit or other information. A police statement or court order to convince the relevant authorities to act.

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5. Verify Vehicle Plate Number With The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

Sometimes it is necessary to inspect the vehicle physically to check the details on the vehicle’s registration documents, Plate number, and physical condition.

Upon arrival at the FRSC office, You may need a police statement and some details information to convince the FRSC officers to act.

The FRSC has the power to access the information you need from the government database of transport info and help the police locate and arrest the suspect. Information such as vehicle make, owner name, and ID card number. Even the address of the owner of the plate number.

How To Verify Plate Number In Lagos

There are many ways the Lagos State verifies plate number authenticity to confirm their legal registrations.

The Lagos State Government is doing great work in verifying details information about vehicles.

Some of the areas of verification are;

  1. Vehicle status
  2. Car color
  3. Car model
  4. Issue Date of the plate number
  5. Chassis number
  6. Vehicle plate Number

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Here are some of the channels to confirm a vehicle plate number with the Lagos State Government of Nigeria.

  1. VIS Lagos Plate Number Verification Portal
  2. SMS
  3. VIS Centers

VIS Lagos Verify Plate Number Portal

The Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service has an online portal that allows users to verify the authenticity of a vehicle’s plate number. To use the service, visit the VIS Lagos website and click on the Plate Number Verification tab. Then enter the vehicle’s plate number to obtain information about the vehicle, including its registration status.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Login;
  • Insert the plate number using only the letters and numbers with no spaces.
  • Click on Search

Details information about the vehicle we display.


The introduction of SMS service by the Lagos State Government has eased the authenticity of a vehicle’s plate number.
users can now access the services by sending an SMS with the automobile plate number to the designated number authorized by the Lagos State government which is on their website. Information about the vehicle’s registration status will be sent to you.

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VIS Centers

Those who want to physically verify the authenticity of the vehicle plate numbers in Lagos State can visit the VIS Center. Many VIS centers are located throughout the state where users can physically verify the authenticity of a vehicle’s plate number. You can visit the nearest VIS center with the vehicle’s registration documents and request verification of the plate number.


Firstly, I would like to give kudos to those who invented the verification of plate numbers. and the agencies responsible for the Verification of plate numbers because this has to improve safety, law, and order maintenance on the road. With advanced technology such as computer vision and machine learning algorithms. The process of authentification of a plate number is essential.

The process has helped to improve the safety and security of individuals on the road. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the authentication of plate numbers is essential.

It is wise for every country or state to have a verified plate number authenticity system. It is effective, quick, and accurate. This process has successfully reduced car theft and the number of fraudulent activities in many countries.