How to Verify Nigeria International Passport

A Verify Nigeria international passport is a biometric document with embedded detail that contains the holder’s personal information, such as name, date of birth, and photograph. The purpose is for the identification of citizens, documentation, and rights to travel freely.

The Nigerian Immigration Service is a Federal government body charged with the responsibility of verifying, Issuing, and regulating international passports in Nigeria.

Verification of Nigeria International Passports is an important process for all individuals who want to travel abroad. It may be tourism, education, honeymoon, or official assignment it is wise to verify the authenticity of your passports to be sure and to be safe from fraud or unwanted issues. With the aid of the global technological system, it is possible and easy to verify your passport online by using your passport application Identification number and passport references number to login to a space provided on the Nigerian Immigration Service Portal: and verify your international passport in your comfort zone without necessarily visiting any offices

PASSPORT APPLICATION I D: This is a special specifying document number on the passport issued by a national government. That authorizes the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel.

NIGERIA PASSPORT REFERENCE NUMBER: This is alphanumeric generated specifically for a Nigerian citizen passport, it is the only number you will see at the top right side of your passport booklet.

In this post, we will guide you step by step on how to verify a Nigerian international passport.

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How to Verify Nigeria International Passport Online

Before you are able to verify your Nigeria international passport you must carry out registration with the relevant authority. You have to present details and relevant information about yourself to The Nigerian Immigration Service which is in charge of Issuing, regulating, and authentication of international passports. After accessing and confirming, the agency will carry out a biometric capture before registration, and issuing you a verified Nigeria international passport.

Immediately after the passport is registered or ready you can verify the authenticity of your International passport online

Here we present step by step guide on how to verify Nigerian International Passports online.

General Procedures for Registration of Verify Nigeria International Passport

As earlier say Before, you can’t verify your Nigeria International passport without being duly registered. It must be registered with the Nigeria Immigration Service online or by contacting the nearest NIS office in your area and following due process. But for this topic, we focus on online verification of Nigeria’s international passport.

Submission of Documents

This is carried out by visiting the NIS portal and filling out the required forms with the needed documents.

Here are the steps used in the submission of documents for processing a Verify Nigeria International passports

  1. log in to the Home page of the Nigeria Immigration Portal
  2. and click on your choice application form to start the process:
    1. e-Passport Application Form
    2. MRP – Passport Application Form (Not Applicable In All Missions)
  3. Choose a passport type“Standard e-Passport OR Official e-Passport, then click on Begin or Start Application button.
  4. Complete or Fill out the Application form; review the I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM check box then click the PRINT Button to print the filled form.
  5. Click on the Submit Application button to view or see the ‘Applicant details page

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Payment For a Verify Nigeria International Passport

After submitting the documents, you will need to process a verified Nigeria international passport. Here are the steps to pay the required fee.

The fee depends on the type of passport you are applying for whether it is a Standard e-Passport OR an Official e-Passport.

Steps For Online Payment

  1. Click on Continue to Online Payment
  2. Click to choose Payment Currency Pay in Naira or Pay in Dollars option then Click on the Proceed or ‘Continue’ button.
  3. Choose or select the currency you like to utilize for payment (Naira or US Dollars):
    1. After making a payment, make sure the bank issues you an approved payment platform provider receipt that contains a Validation Number. You will need the Validation Number for confirmation of payment on the portal.
    2. If you choose or select the option to pay in Naira, it will press you to choose a Payment Type or payment method: Bank Credit OR Debit card
    1. If you wish to pay at a bank, choose Bank and click Proceed
      1. You will see the list of partaking banks and then click on Proceed.
      2. The Print Declaration or Acknowledgment button will enable you to print the “Payment Acknowledgment Slip with the Transaction ID Application ID & Reference Number.
      3. With a copy of your Payment acknowledgment slip, proceed to your chosen bank for payment.
    1. Go to Query your Application Payment Status and enter your Passport Application ID and Reference No.
    2. If a Validation Number field is displayed, please enter the number from your approved payment platform provider’s receipt. Remember: The validation Number has been generated after payment through Bank also.
    3. Click the Search Record switch and you will be sent to the “Applicant’s Details page where a date for your interview has been generated.
    4. You can now print a Receipt or an Acknowledgement Slip by using the switches on this page. (You will need them for your interview).
    5. NIS e-receipt or Acknowledgement Slip will present to you in a new window. Click on the Print switch to send a copy to the printer.
    6. If you choose a processing country other than Nigeria, your payment will be in US Dollars. You will be shifted to an approved payment platform to finish your application and make your payment in US Dollars.

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How to Make Payment with a Credit/Debit Card

If you plan to pay through a Credit/Debit card, select “Credit/Debit card” and click Proceed or Continue.

  1. You will need to fill in your login credentials.
  2. After filling in, click the Login switch and you will be sent to the payment portal
  3. To proceed with the payment click the PAY switch.
  4. The payment portal presents application details, click on the proceed button.
  5. You will be pressed to the Value Card payment page, provide information about your card & Click on the OK switch.
  6. After payment, the Validation Number is developed. Store it and use it to confirm the payment.
  7. You can also print a receipt by clicking the Print the Receipt switch.
  1. After verification of payment, continue for the Interview with relevant documents. Please, note that your interview schedule, final e-receipt, and acknowledgment slip are only accessible using your Validation Number.

Steps to Print Your NIS E-Receipt

  1. How to print your NIS e-Receipt
    1. On the portal home page, click on the Query your application payment status link
    2. On the next page, choose Passport as an option under the Application Type drop-down
    3. Enter the following details:
      • Application ID
      • Reference Number
      • Validation Number (if applicable)
    4. Submit the details
    5. Your complete application details shall be returned
    6. Scroll down the page and click on the Print receipt
    7. NIS e-receipt will present to you in a new window
    8. Click on ‘Print this receipt’ to transmit a copy to the printer
  2. How to generate your Passport Guarantor’s Form
    1. Click on the passport guarantor’s form on the home page of the Nigeria Immigration Service
    2. Enter the reference and id number generated on the acknowledgment slip
    3. Click Print to print out the first page and next to print out the second page (You will still need to click the Print button) and the process will round up.

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General Required For Verify Nigeria International Passport

Here are the requirements on how to verify a Nigeria international passport.

1. Requirement for Standard Passport

  1. Identification letter from Local Government
  2. Declaration of Birth or age certificate.
  3. 2 recent color passport photographs
  4. Guarantor’s form sworn before a High Court Judge/commissioner of Oaths/Magistrate
  5. Parent’s letter of authorization for minors under 16 years
  6. Marriage credential where applicable
  7. A lost passport will need the Police report
  8. Submit application with supporting documents to passport office/High Commission/Embassy

The Nigeria International Passport Application Fees

Here is the list of the Nigeria International Passport application Fees by Age and Booklet type for applicants applying in Nigeria and other Countries.

Nigeria Immigration Service Passport Fee – Applying In Nigeria (Naira)

AGE 0 – 17AGE 18 – 59AGE 60+
Nigeria Immigration Service Fee Applying From All Embassies, High Commissions, And Consulates (US Dollar)
AGE 0 – 17AGE 18 – 59AGE 60+

2. Requirements For Verify Nigeria International Passport


  1. Introduction letter from the appropriate State Government, Federal Government Ministry/Organization.
  2. Marriage credentials where relevant
  3. Police report in case of lost passport
  4. Letter of appointment/last promotion.
  5. Submit application with backing documents to passport office/Embassy/High Commission

Seamans Book Requirement

  1. Identification letter of Local Government
  2. Age declaration/Birth certificate
  3. 2 recent color passport photographs 
  4. Submit application with backing documents to passport office/Embassy/High Commission 


  • Acknowledgment slip & payment receipt plus 2 recent photographs are useful in all cases
  • Print out a copy of the duly completed application form
  • Take printed and signed application forms to Passport office/ Embassy/High Commission for additional processing
  • A guarantor must attach the following papers
    1. Nigerian standard Passport Photocopy of Data page
    2. National Identity Card Driving License or

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Approval Time For Nigeria International Passport

Approval Time for verifying Nigeria International Passports for New applicants and those who want to renew or replace their international passports now spend between three and six months to process passport applications at the offices of the Nigerian Immigration Service across the country after submission of documents payment of fee, and Biometric capture. Once your passport is ready, the NIs will send you a mail.

Verification of Nigeria International Passport

You can verify your Nigeria international passport online on Nigerian Immigration Service Portal with the Passport application id and Passport reference number in your email sent by NIS during registration. Once you have registered or received your passport. (For example)

  • Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service Portal to verify your passport status, and click on “Passport Application Status.
  • Enter your passport application ID and reference number.
  • Click Submit.

After completing the above steps, all the information on your passport can view.

It is important to verify Your Nigeria international passport to be sure of its validity. Check the expiration date and compare it to the date on your original application. Also check the passport number, name, photo, and other information to make sure it matches the information you provided when you applied.

How to Collect Your Verify Nigeria International Passport

You can collect your Verify Nigeria International passport at the embassy where you complete your registration or biometric capture. collect it in person. Other countries may supply you at your doorstep with some extra charges.

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How to Know if Nigerian International Passport is Original

How to Verify whether your Nigerian Internation passport is original, you will need to check the following;

  1. The Passport is durable plastic or a combination of plastic, paper, and metal. Check the quality of the passport material
  2. The passport has a chip embedded in the back cover, this chip contains your personal information and biometrics and is used for authentication.
  3. A very Nigerian international passport has a Nigerian coat of arms and the national colors of green and white. The name of the issuing government agency, which is the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).
  4. The passport has a unique identifier, such as a serial number, on the cover.
  5. Ensure that the passport has a valid expiration date.
  6. Ensure the passport has not been tampered with, such as being torn, scratched, or damaged in any way.
  7. A misspelled name or incorrect dates of birth and any other irregularities or inconsistencies should be checked

If you are not satisfied or detect any error, contact the Nigerian Immigration Service to confirm its authenticity.

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If you are Nigerian, before you travel abroad, you need a verified Nigeria international passport. It is important for the purpose of identifying Nigerians living in Diaspora countries and certification for international travel.

After applying, it is essential to monitor your passport status online to know when it is ready for collection.

Verifying a Nigerian international passport is an easy safe process that can help ensure that the passport is authentic. is an important step in ensuring the security of the passport holder and the nation. By verifying the passport, you can ensure that the passport is valid and the holder is who they claim to be.

Government agencies and Border control officers have machines to check and validate passports either through the chip on the passport or through the passport number.

It is safe and better to process your passport with the appropriate issuing authority NIS, and you will have nothing to worry about.

Note: Do not pay anyone to get it for you, go to the Nigeria Immigration Service Portal online or the immigration office yourself and follow the process duly.