Nigerian Navy Recruitment Training, Activities in Camp

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Training is one of the most challenging and rewarding exercises which will prepare you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to serve with distinction in the Nigerian Navy.

Pursuing a career in the Nigerian Navy is a great decision and worth saving and defending your fatherland, the Nigerian Navy is one of the Nigerian military others are the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Airforce.

The first step in your military preparation is having the requirements and completion of basic training, and you will be trained in the Military recruit camp to develop Military skills that will prepare you for an impactful role in your military career.

Learning about military camps and what to expect can help you optimize your experience.

We discuss the Nigerian Navy recruitment training, how to prepare, and what to expect during camp training.

About Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy began operations in the early 20th century as the Royal Nigerian Navy after Nigeria gained independence from British rule.

The Nigerian Navy is one of the three branches of the Nigerian military and was Launched in 1958.

Since then, they have been protecting Nigerian maritime interests.

The Nigerian Navy headquarter is located in Abuja (FCT) and has bases in Lagos, Calabar, and Bayelsa.

The Nigerian Navy is a formidable and capable force with a strength of over 30,000 personnel.

They operate with different vessels, including patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, helicopters, and aircraft.

Nigerian Navy also contains a marine corps unit, the Nigerian Navy Marine Corps (NNMC), that conducts patrols along the Nigerian coastline and trains in amphibious operations.

They participated in international peacekeeping, humanitarian operations and deployed personnel to different peacekeeping missions.

They are skillful and respected for their professionalism, dedication to duties, and maritime law and order.

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Duration of Nigerian Navy Recruitment Training

Nigerian Navy basic Recruitment training takes up to 6 to 9-month intense training programs where recruits engage in physical and mental exercise to develop persistence and diligence.

Recruits attend classes where they take appropriate coursework and undergo practical training to boast their experience.

The desire is to prepare them for the physical, emotional, and mental demands of real-life challenges in the Navy.

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Location Of Nigerian Navy Training Camp

The Nigerian Navy recruitment training camp is in Onne, Port Harcourt, and various States of the Federation. They are in charge of training members of the Nigerian military.

All successful candidates are expected to present themself in person at their various Training Camps unfairly on the appointed date or face automatic disqualification.

In training camp, you will meet your commander in charge of the division operations. The commandant works with the chief Navy officer and petty officers to instruct recruits on basic training.

The duty of Navy officers in the recruit camp is to instruct and discipline you based on Navy standards, so you are expected to understand and follow strict vocal instructions.

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Qualifying and Preparing for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Training

To qualify for Nigerian Navy recruitment training, you must be a Nigerian citizen, meet the required height and weight requirements, and pass a criminal background check and at least SSCE Certificate. If you meet these initial requirements, you can start preparing yourself for Nigerian Navy Recruitment.

When going to recruits training camp, you will need only a few personal belongings, such as an address book or journal, necessary documents, prescription glasses, and prescribed medication.

Understanding what to expect during your training time can help you prepare mentally for recruitment training.

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Requirement For Nigerian Navy Recruitment Training

All successful candidates for Nigerian Navy recruitment training must report with an original and a copy of the following:

Callup letter or Resume letter, a letter from the current employer detailing employment history approval from the head of your community or a senior officer or as stated.

All recruits must complete the application process before they arrive on-site at any training camp location nationwide.

  • Original and photocopies of credentials.
  • BVN printout.
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age.
  • Certificate of Origin.
  • Duly filled Guarantor Form.
  • One pair of white canvas.
  • One pair of national dress.
  • One pair of brown canvas.
  • Two pairs of black trousers.
  • Two Navy blue PT shorts.
  • Two white round-neck vests.
  • Two white long-sleeve shirts.
  • Two black ties.
  • One pair of black shoes.
  • Three pairs of white socks.

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Training Activities in Nigerian Navy Recruits Training Camp

To help you with your physical and mental preparation, here’s an overview of what to expect in Nigerian Navy basic training.

Step 1

First, five days at the beginning of the Nigerian Navy recruitment training program, you have to arrange your clothes and cell phone into a box that you may send home and receive your first uniform.

You are expected to complete the necessary medical checks and administrative screenings and get your first Nigerian Navy issue and haircut. During this time, you will also have to:

  • Complete physical, eye, and dental exams.
  • Open a bank account if necessary.
  • Sign up for military life insurance.
  • Call home to inform your family that you’ve arrived at the recruitment camp.
  • Complete mandatory intake paperwork.
  • Receive sleeping hotels.
  • Get your first set of uniforms.

During the first days, you will receive your identification card and learn basic concepts, such as the chain of command and how to stencil your uniforms. You will also learn the basics of watch standing.

You will have to move into your assigned ship, or barracks, with the entirety of your division. At this time, those desiring specialized Nigeria Navy work, like, boat operation, musical performance, or diving. You may be separated into training divisions. This is the official beginning of your actual training.

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Step One

The ship officer will commission your division and give you the orders to start the Nigerian Navy recruitment training mission in the first week. All candidates will receive intensive physical training fitness and will need to pass the Physical Fitness Assessment baseline.

This involves intense physical requirements, like marching, pushups, situp, drilling, a 1.5-mile run, a variety of other exercises, and swimming lessons,

You will also receive classroom instruction on topics like equal opportunity, rank or rate recognition, and the core values of honor, courage, and commitment. This tests your ability to meet the potential physical demands of Navy work.

Focus on physical training and classroom learning to help you develop your abilities and knowledge.

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Step Two

In step two, students are taught Confidence Courses which are targeted to simulates to overcome obstacles in a shipboard emergency and overcoming real life-threatening situations, confidence in teamwork, and working together with a team to get through the obstacle course. Participation in emergency activities, wearing oxygen breathing apparatus, carrying sandbags, and throwing life rings.

You also engage in classroom education on the chain of command, courtesies, professionalism, watch-standing, and customs. You may also take an academic test. The intense physical training continues.

Recruits also receive dress uniforms, which you stencil or stamp with your name.

Step Three

recruits receive classroom education on Nigerian Navy history, laws on armed conflict, shipboard communications, and weapons turnover.

The Nigerian Navy recruitment training focus in this period falls more on practical training by practical drill inspection and boarding a training ship where you can receive hands-on team training in processes like ship jargon, line handling, first-aid, knot-tying techniques, and flag-signaling.

Now you also have to start thinking about the career paths you want to pursue in the Nigerian Navy and how to plan goal achievement. Think about several positions that may match your skills and preferences. 

Step four

In step four, you can learn how to handle and fire rifles or guns, and if you score higher, you will earn a ribbon for being a Marksman or Sharpshooter. If you proceed to achieve an expert qualification, you will receive the Marksmanship and an additional Medal to the ribbon.

In this step, you may complete your Physical Fitness Assessment. Recruit also wear their new uniforms for graduation pictures and sit for a test that covers everything they learned.

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Step five

In this step, you may receive training on how to read a bullseye. The bullseye is a yellow square stuck on the bulkhead (wall) with a code that acts as a map to tell you where you are on the ship and classroom training on firefighting, anti-terrorism, and survival equipment.

You will also meet with the recruit staffers for mentoring sessions. The physical training will continue, more on the firing range. To perfect and increase the number of live rounds you fire.

You will also learn about the mask you can use in the Confidence test, which involves firefighting, and tear gas in full gear.

Step six

Step six, the Nigerian Navy recruitment training, focuses on shipboard damage and firefighting. You will learn to effectively use fire extinguish, handle fire hoses, and escape from smoke-filled rooms. How to deal with these potentially hazardous situations. This help to develop the ability to remain calm in an emergency.

Recruits are expected to pass the Confidence test, which involves reciting their full names and Social Security numbers and removing their gas masks around a lit tear gas tablet. You may also pass a comprehensive test about firefighting, a drill inspection, and the last PFA.

You may have the chance to get it right before Battle Stations begins If you fail to pass any part.

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Step seven

In step 7, you will take the top Nigerian Navy recruitment training test. This comprises everything that recruits have learned in the training camp, such as swimming, firefighting, shipboard damage control, water survival, and teamwork in a high-stress environment.

Prepare for interviews with practice questions.

After completing training and recruits tests, you participate in the Capping Ceremony, where you can receive a Nigerian Navy ball cap. Gaining this ball cap means officially attaining the title of a Nigerian Navy Sailor.

Step Eight

In the final step, physical training continues for preparation and presentation at the graduation ceremony. Now you are ready to serve in the Nigerian Military Force.


When going for Nigerian Navy recruitment training, prepare to face strict rules and regulations that govern behavior in the camp. The training is designed to train recruits for the challenges and demands of military life and to instill in them the values of discipline, integrity, and professionalism.

Do your best because only the most qualified candidates are selected to serve in the Nigerian Navy.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally by practicing physical training and classroom instruction such as Running and fitness exercises and reading military and motivational books to understand and prepare yourself for physical and mental training. Basic military training takes long hours of training and drills that will test your endurance and resilience. Weapons handling, marksmanship training, physical fitness tests, and classroom instruction on military tactics, discipline, and ethics.

The experience in Nigerian Navy recruitment training will equip successful candidates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to serve with distinction in the Nigerian Navy. After meeting the standards, you can look forward to a career of honor, service, and fulfillment.