E-commerce Senior Sports Trader Australia

E-commerce Senior Sports Trader Australia

Sportsbet, a prominent Australian e-commerce enterprise within the online betting realm, has carved a niche in captivating over 2 million Australians with its exhilarating offerings. The company’s ethos revolves around fostering innovation, crafting pioneering products and orchestrating top-tier platforms, all aimed at delivering exceptional experiences to its clientele.

With a workforce surpassing 1,300 individuals, Sportsbet stands as a formidable entity within the Flutter Group, solidifying its status as a global contender in the arena of online wagering.

This expansive reach underscores the company’s commitment to not only local prominence but also international recognition.

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

At the core of Sportsbet’s operations lies an unwavering dedication to responsible gambling. This commitment is palpable through an array of initiatives and tools meticulously designed to promote responsible gaming practices. Sportsbet takes pride in spearheading responsible gambling endeavors, setting the benchmark not just within its domestic sphere but on a global scale.

Within the vibrant tapestry of Sportsbet’s International Sports team, an opportunity emerges for individuals to make substantive contributions to the organization’s trajectory. This role offers a dynamic environment characterized by collaboration, curiosity and a drive for excellence. Responsibilities encompass the formulation of pricing strategies, the execution of business directives and the mentorship of team members. Additionally, fostering synergies across diverse business units to foster growth remains a pivotal aspect of this role.

Key Responsibilities

The role entails a multifaceted approach, including:

  • Strategy & Performance: Designing and optimizing pricing strategies, ensuring alignment with business directives and regulatory compliance.
  • Mentoring: Providing guidance and support to team members, facilitating their professional development and performance enhancement.
  • Promoting Growth: Enhancing the customer experience, expanding the customer base and engaging stakeholders to capitalize on key events.

Work Culture and Benefits

The Risk & Trading team in Melbourne adopts a flexible five-day working week policy, tailored to accommodate customer demands while prioritizing employee well-being. The salary range for this role falls between $89,000 and $96,000, reflecting Sportsbet’s commitment to competitive compensation packages.

Qualifications and Attributes

Sportsbet seeks individuals who embody enthusiasm, collaboration and possess an analytical mindset. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are deemed essential, alongside commercial acumen and a results-driven orientation. Proficiency in mathematics and a familiarity with wagering products or industry knowledge are advantageous.

Perks and Rewards

Beyond monetary compensation, Sportsbet offers an array of perks and rewards, including:

  • Generous annual leave entitlement
  • Flexible and remote working arrangements, complemented by a dedicated work-from-home office allowance
  • Discounted gym memberships, complimentary breakfast and access to various events and conferences
  • Comprehensive Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs, fostering holistic well-being
  • Industry-leading Parental Leave support program, promoting work-life balance and family-centric values
  • Tailored career development programs, underpinned by a commitment to nurturing thought leadership and specialist talent

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sportsbet prides itself on being an inclusive employer, valuing diversity and championing equity. The company actively encourages individuals to apply and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds. Accommodations during the recruitment process are readily provided, reflecting Sportsbet’s dedication to fostering an inclusive environment.

Flexibility in the Workplace

Recognizing the diverse needs of its workforce, Sportsbet endeavors to accommodate various forms of flexibility. Whether it pertains to work arrangements, scheduling preferences, or other considerations, the company remains committed to supporting its employees in achieving their full potential.

In conclusion, Sportsbet epitomizes a fusion of innovation, responsibility and inclusivity, underscored by its unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences to its customers. With an emphasis on responsible gambling, a dynamic work culture and a myriad of benefits and perks, Sportsbet stands as a beacon of opportunity for individuals seeking to thrive in the realm of online wagering.


What is Sportsbet?

Sportsbet is a leading Australian e-commerce business specializing in online wagering. With a customer base exceeding 2 million, it offers a range of betting options across various sports and events, providing excitement to punters nationwide.

How does Sportsbet differentiate itself from competitors?

Sportsbet distinguishes itself through its commitment to innovation, evidenced by its trailblazing products and cutting-edge platforms. Additionally, the company prioritizes responsible gambling initiatives, setting itself apart as a leader in promoting safe and enjoyable betting experiences.

What is the structure of Sportsbet’s workforce?

Sportsbet boasts a team of over 1,300 individuals, contributing to its robust presence within the Flutter Group. This extensive workforce enables the company to maintain its position as a global player in the online wagering industry.

What measures does Sportsbet take to promote responsible gambling?

Sportsbet takes its responsibility to promote responsible gambling seriously, implementing a wide range of initiatives and tools. These include self-exclusion options, spending limits and educational resources to help customers gamble responsibly.

What opportunities does Sportsbet offer for career development?

Sportsbet provides a dynamic work environment where employees can contribute to the company’s growth while advancing their careers. The International Sports team, for example, offers opportunities for individuals to develop pricing strategies, mentor team members and collaborate across various departments.

What benefits and perks does Sportsbet offer its employees?

In addition to competitive salaries, Sportsbet provides a range of perks and benefits, including generous annual leave, flexible working arrangements, discounted gym memberships and access to wellness programs. The company also offers industry-leading parental leave support and career development programs.

How does Sportsbet support diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Sportsbet is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees are valued for their unique perspectives and contributions. The company actively encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply and provides accommodations during the recruitment process.

What is the company’s approach to work flexibility?

Sportsbet recognizes that flexibility means different things to different people and endeavors to accommodate various needs. Whether it’s remote working arrangements, flexible scheduling, or other accommodations, the company strives to support its employees in achieving work-life balance.

How does Sportsbet ensure integrity and compliance in its operations?

Sportsbet upholds high standards of integrity and compliance in its operations, ensuring adherence to internal policies and external regulations. The company conducts regular audits and implements measures to mitigate risks associated with online wagering.

How can individuals apply for positions at Sportsbet?

Individuals interested in joining Sportsbet can explore current job openings on the company’s website and submit their applications online. The recruitment process typically involves reviewing candidates’ qualifications and conducting interviews to assess their suitability for the role.

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