APPLY: Pilbara Minerals Principal Risk and Assurance

Pilbara Minerals Principal Risk and Assurance

Pilbara Minerals has emerged as a remarkable success story in the Australian landscape, quickly establishing itself as a key player in the global lithium market. With its Pilgangoora Operation ranking among the world’s largest hard-rock lithium projects, the company is poised to meet the escalating demand for lithium, driven by the shift towards clean energy. This expansion necessitates a robust risk and compliance framework, ensuring operational integrity and strategic alignment across all facets of the organization.

Under the guidance of the Group Manager of Risk and Compliance, the Principal Risk and Assurance role is pivotal in fortifying Pilbara Minerals’ enterprise risk and assurance program. Anchored in West Perth, adjacent to the City West train station, this full-time position encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities aimed at bolstering risk resilience and regulatory adherence.

Enterprise Risk Management

Central to the role is the facilitation of risk development, control design and the formulation of risk treatment plans across departments. This entails orchestrating risk workshops, managing the company’s risk management software platform and spearheading the annual update of the risk framework. Additionally, the incumbent is tasked with data analysis, report generation and delivering key risk insights to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and Board.

A commitment to enhancing risk maturity and proactive monitoring of emerging risks underscores the continuous improvement ethos.


In tandem with enterprise risk management, the Principal Risk and Assurance professional supports the delivery of departmental compliance performance reports. This includes conducting independent compliance investigations and furnishing actionable insights to ensure regulatory alignment.

Internal Audit

Effective management of the company’s internal audit plan falls within the purview of this role, necessitating coordination with external consultants as needed to optimize audit outcomes.


Critical to operational continuity is the coordination of major project insurances, coupled with a vigilant assessment of insurance departures from a risk management standpoint.

General Responsibilities

Beyond the core functions, the Principal Risk and Assurance role encompasses participation in departmental improvement initiatives and fulfilling reporting obligations on a monthly and quarterly basis.

The ideal candidate possesses extensive senior-level experience with a demonstrable track record of interfacing at executive and board levels. With a minimum of 7-10 years in operational risk-related roles, exceptional communication, interpersonal skills and a penchant for forging collaborative relationships are imperative. Meticulous attention to detail, adept time management and proficiency in Microsoft suite are essential attributes. Tertiary qualifications in Risk Management or related disciplines are highly regarded.

What We Offer

Pilbara Minerals prides itself on offering an attractive remuneration package coupled with performance incentives, alongside benefits such as Paid Parental Leave and Community Leave. Moreover, the company fosters a culture of career advancement, presenting ample opportunities for professional growth.

Core Values

Embedded within Pilbara Minerals’ ethos are core values centered around people, achievement, safety, product quality, partner relationships and societal impact.

Promoting Diversity

Recognizing the enriching contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds, Pilbara Minerals upholds a commitment to fostering inclusivity. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, the company actively encourages applications from women and Indigenous Australians.

Recruitment Process

Prospective candidates undergo a comprehensive recruitment process, encompassing pre-employment medical assessments, drug and alcohol screening and National Police Clearance checks.

Pilbara Minerals pays homage to the Nyamal and Kariyarra People of the Pilbara, as well as the Whadjuk Noongar People of the Perth region, acknowledging their custodianship of the land and honoring their cultural heritage.

As Pilbara Minerals continues to chart its trajectory in the global lithium market, the role of Principal Risk and Assurance stands as a linchpin in ensuring operational resilience and regulatory compliance. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, inclusivity and cultural stewardship, the company remains poised to navigate the complexities of an evolving energy landscape while making a meaningful difference in the world.


What is Pilbara Minerals’ primary focus within the global lithium market?

Pilbara Minerals is focused on the production and expansion of its Pilgangoora Operation, which is one of the largest hard-rock lithium operations globally. The company aims to meet the increasing demand for lithium driven by the transition to clean energy.

What are the key responsibilities of the Principal Risk and Assurance role at Pilbara Minerals?

The Principal Risk and Assurance role involves providing hands-on support to the company’s Enterprise Risk and Assurance program. This includes facilitating risk development, control design and risk treatment plans across all departments. Additionally, the role entails managing risk management software, conducting compliance investigations, coordinating internal audits, overseeing insurance management and contributing to departmental improvement initiatives.

What qualifications and experience are required for the Principal Risk and Assurance position?

Ideal candidates for the Principal Risk and Assurance role should have a minimum of 7-10 years of operational risk-related experience, preferably at a senior level. Strong communication, interpersonal, time management and multitasking skills are essential, along with proficiency in the Microsoft suite. Tertiary qualifications in Risk Management or relevant disciplines are highly regarded.

How does Pilbara Minerals promote diversity in its workforce?

Pilbara Minerals recognizes the value of diversity and actively encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply for positions within the company. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Pilbara Minerals particularly encourages applications from women and Indigenous Australians, acknowledging the unique contributions they bring to the organization.

What benefits does Pilbara Minerals offer to its employees?

Pilbara Minerals offers an excellent remuneration package, including eligibility for the company’s performance incentive scheme. Additionally, employees may benefit from Paid Parental Leave, Paid Community Leave, competitive remuneration and opportunities for career advancement.

What core values does Pilbara Minerals uphold?

Pilbara Minerals is committed to several core values, including fostering a culture of excellence, prioritizing safety, delivering quality products, valuing partner relationships and making a positive impact on society.

What is the recruitment process like at Pilbara Minerals?

The recruitment process at Pilbara Minerals typically involves a comprehensive screening process, including pre-employment medical assessments, drug and alcohol screening and National Police Clearance checks. Shortlisting for positions may commence immediately and agencies are requested not to forward unsolicited resumes unless requested.

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