Shell Graduate Programme 2025 – Australia

Shell Graduate Programme 2025 – Australia

Embark on a journey with us at Shell as a graduate and you’ll find yourself at the forefront of shaping the future of energy. Together, we’re navigating the transition towards a net-zero emissions future while ensuring that the world’s energy needs are met today. Joining forces with seasoned professionals, you’ll have the chance to enhance your skills in an environment that values integrity, honesty and mutual respect.

Regardless of which division you choose to contribute to, your voice and perspective will be welcomed as we tackle the complex challenges of the energy landscape. We seek graduates who are aligned with our mission and share our zeal for progress.

Our inclusive and collaborative culture provides the support you need to chart your own course and develop your skills. From day one, you’ll be entrusted with meaningful projects and exciting responsibilities, empowering you to power your own progress as we confront the energy challenge together.

Fueling both the advancements of tomorrow and the demands of today’s world, you’ll be at the forefront of developing energy solutions that drive us towards a net-zero emissions future. Through hands-on involvement in projects aimed at meeting this challenge, you’ll collaborate with experts from diverse backgrounds, contributing to transformative change within the energy sector.

Your journey at Shell will be one of continuous growth and learning. Through a tailored development plan and exposure to a variety of projects, technologies and practices, you’ll hone your skills and prepare to lead the way in the future of energy. Our environment fosters a “learner mindset,” encouraging openness, curiosity and growth, so you can unlock your full potential and thrive in a dynamic, high-performance setting.

By leveraging our global network of expertise, you’ll forge meaningful connections and expand your horizons at Shell. We embrace diversity in all its forms, inviting individuals to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

In our values-led culture, integrity, honesty and respect are the guiding principles. You’ll have the opportunity to be your authentic self and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth, supported by an environment that celebrates individuality and diversity.

Explore the possibilities of a career at Shell by visiting our website and discovering how you can power your progress with us.

If you thrive on challenges and innovation, the Graduate Well Engineer position in Brisbane might be the perfect fit for you. We’re seeking candidates with degrees in chemical, petroleum, mechanical, or electrical engineering who are eager to make a difference in the energy sector.

To be eligible for the Shell Graduate Programme, you must be an Australian permanent resident or citizen and either in your final year of study or have less than three years of work experience in your chosen discipline. Additionally, you must have completed your studies before joining Shell and be available to start a full-time permanent role in February 2024. Completing the online assessment promptly will expedite the processing of your application and please ensure to include a copy of your academic transcript for review.

At Shell, we believe in fostering an inclusive culture where every individual can thrive, innovate and grow. We offer outstanding career opportunities that allow you to continuously seek new experiences and ideas, collaborating with a global network of colleagues on some of the most groundbreaking projects in the world. Join us and together, we’ll shape the future of energy.


What is the Shell Graduate Programme?

The Shell Graduate Programme is a development initiative aimed at nurturing young talent to become future leaders in the energy industry. It offers recent graduates the opportunity to embark on a dynamic career path within Shell, providing hands-on experience, mentorship and professional development opportunities.

Who is eligible to apply for the Shell Graduate Programme?

To be eligible for the programme, applicants must be Australian permanent residents or citizens. They should either be in their final year of study or have less than three years of work experience in their chosen discipline. Additionally, candidates must have completed their studies before starting with Shell and be available to commence a full-time permanent role in February 2024.

What disciplines are suitable for the Shell Graduate Programme?

The Shell Graduate Programme welcomes candidates from various disciplines, including but not limited to chemical, petroleum, mechanical and electrical engineering. The programme seeks individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the energy sector and are eager to contribute their skills and knowledge to Shell’s initiatives.

What does the application process entail?

The application process typically involves submitting an online application, including academic transcripts, completing an online assessment and possibly participating in interviews or assessment centers. Prompt completion of the online assessment is encouraged to facilitate the timely processing of applications.

What can graduates expect from the Shell Graduate Programme?

Graduates accepted into the programme can expect to be immersed in a dynamic and supportive environment where they’ll have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and collaborate with experienced colleagues. They’ll receive mentorship and guidance to develop their skills and expertise, preparing them for future leadership roles within Shell.

What is the culture like at Shell?

Shell fosters an inclusive and values-led culture characterized by honesty, integrity and respect. Employees are encouraged to be their authentic selves and are empowered to pursue personal and professional growth. Collaboration, innovation and diversity are key pillars of the Shell culture.

What career progression opportunities are available at Shell?

Shell offers outstanding career progression opportunities, allowing employees to continuously seek new experiences and challenges. Through mentorship, training programs and exposure to diverse projects, individuals can advance their careers and take on roles of increasing responsibility within the company.

What projects and initiatives is Shell currently working on?

Shell is actively involved in projects aimed at addressing the global energy challenge, including the transition to net-zero emissions and the development of sustainable energy solutions. From exploring renewable energy sources to advancing technology in the oil and gas sector, Shell is committed to driving innovation and sustainability.

How does Shell support employee development?

Shell supports employee development through various initiatives, including tailored development plans, training programs, mentorship opportunities and access to a global network of expertise. The company encourages a “learner mindset,” fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Where can I find more information about Shell careers and the Graduate Programme?

Additional information about Shell careers and the Graduate Programme can be found on the Shell website ( The website provides details about available roles, application processes and the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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