Train from Kaduna to Abuja- All Need to Know

Welcome to Businessanthem. Train from Kaduna to Abuja is now efficient and convenient for passengers due to the online ticketing platforms created by the Nigerian Railway Corporation. You don’t have to wait in lengthy lines before buying tickets.

We present detailed steps on how to make a train booking from Kaduna to Abuja, train Schedule, journey duration, and Booking Tips to make your journey easy and successful.

Kaduna Train Station

Here are the train stations in Kaduna, Kaduna State in Nigeria

RIGASA Train Station Kaduna

RIGASA Train Station Kaduna is under Igabi LGA, one of the most populous wards in Nigeria The Train Station Kaduna is an inter-state train station. This is your starting point if you are traveling by rail to Abuja and other parts of the country.

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How to Book a Train from Kaduna to Abuja

The Federal Ministry of Transportation in Nigeria has announced three ways of booking a ticket at Kaduna Train Station:

1. POS or cash at the station

Train from Kaduna to Abuja Online Booking

2. Train from Kudana to Abuja Booking app

3. Train from Kudana to Abuja Booking on the NRC Website

1. POS or cash at the station

Make your train booking at Kaduna station by using POS or cash payment at the station.

2. Train from Kudana to Abuja Booking app

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) official mobile application is designed for convenient booking, checking train schedules, making online payments, securing seat reservations, tracking live train routes, and finding the nearest train stations including trains from Ibadan to Lagos, Abuja to Kaduna, Train from Abeokuta to Lagos and other part of Nigeria.

This is the only official app for booking NRC train tickets. The Nigerian Railway App presents a smooth booking, allowing you to make reservations conveniently from the comfort of your home.

There are numerous features available for you to uncover, to ease your booking experience.
Routes: view live train routes

3. Train from Kudana to Abuja Booking on the NRC Website

Here are the Steps to Make a Train Booking in Kaduna on the NRC Website:

1. Visit The website of NRC

Visit The website of NRC at and create an account before you proceed. Click on the sign-up button. Enter your email address and other required information. You will get a confirmation mail in the email address you used for the registration.

After that, go back to the website and proceed with the booking process. By logging and entering the details of your journey, including the departure and arrival stations, date of travel, and the number of passengers. Browse via the available train options and categories and select the train and class that suits your preferences and needs. Input accurate passenger information for all individuals traveling including names, ages, and identification details

2. Select your route and date

On this website, you can choose the station you wish to use and specify your destination. After that, select the date you want to travel. You can only make for the current day or the following day. You cannot book a far date. It’s still cool anyway. After selecting your route, click on Find My Train.

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3. Select the time and the class of service.

After selecting the date and route, the trains available for that date will be displayed. Choose your preferred time and select the service class. Service classes are categorized as first class, economy, and business class.

After that, select the coach you want to sit with. The train is divided into coaches.

When you select a coach, automatically, the coach seat arrangement will be displayed. Now, select where you want to sit. The available seats are in green color while the unavailable seats will be in a different color and you cannot select it. If a coach is filled, feel free to select another coach. 

If there is no train available for the date you select, you will get a message like ’No trains available for your selection. Please modify your source and destination’. 

All you have to do is go back and select another date or route.

This page will tell you how much you will pay. The ticket money and other charges like insurance, stamp duty, and medical charges will be added to the ticket money.  

Review if everything is correct as requested. There is no refund of money after payment. So, check every detail. You have 15 minutes to do so. If everything is correct, click on Reserve a seat.

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Booking for Another person

You have the option to reserve for another individual using the reservation you made. Select if the next person is an adult, a minor (child), or someone with a special need.

People with special needs pay less. The fare is half the adult fare while the child fare is up to 70% of the adult fare. 

Immediately you select the reserved seat, the timer begins counting, starting a 15-minute countdown for you to secure a ticket before proceeding with payment.

4. Make Payment

Click on the make payment. Enter your card details to complete payment.

If you successfully make the payment, you will get your ticket.

The Ticket Booking

If payment is ok, you will receive the payment in the email address you used to register. The ticket will be in your account. Just click on the tickets tab in your account to access your ticket. you can print it there or save it as PDF.

The Ticket typically includes a booking reference number and ticket details. Ensure you have all necessary documents, including your identification and booking reference.

Get ready for your journey. Arrive at the train station ahead of your scheduled departure time. Present your ticket and identification as required for boarding.

Means of Identification

Make sure you have the necessary identification and documents ready. In many cases, you’ll need a government-issued ID or passport to book a train ticket in Nigeria. Ensure you have these documents to avoid any booking complications.

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Train schedule from Kaduna to Abuja

Here is the train schedule from Kaduna to Abuja

Train schedule from Kaduna-Abuja Station Booking (RAKE 1)



IDU – KUBWA20 mins09:4510:05
KUBWA – RIGASA2hr 20mins10:1012:30
IDU – RIGASA2hr 45mins09:4512:30

Train schedule from Abuja-Kaduna Station Booking, (RAKE 2)


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RIGASA – KUBWA2hr 40mins08:0010:40
RIGASA – IDU3hr 5mins08:0011:05
KUBWA – IDU20mins10:4511:05

Train schedule from Abuja-Kaduna Train Station Booking (RAKE 1)


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IDU – KUBWA20mins15:0015:20
KUBWA – RIGASA2hr 40mins15:2518:05
IDU – RIGASA3hr 5mins15:0018:05

Train schedule from Abuja-Kaduna Station Booking (RAKE 2)



RIGASA – KUBWA2hr 40mins13:3016:10
RIGASA – IDU3hr 40mins15:2518:05
IDU – RIGASA3hr 5mins15:0018:05

How Much is the Train From Abuja to Kaduna

Here are the current prices for Train booking from Kaduna to Abuja. The price of booking a train from Abuja to Kaduna is the same.

Train From Kaduna To Abuja A first-class ticket booking Price

6000 thousand Naira only

Train From Kaduna To Abuja Business class ticket booking Price

5000 thousand Naira only

Train From Kaduna To Abuja Economic ticket booking Price

3000 thousand Naira only

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Tips on Booking a Train From Kuduna to Abuja

Here are some Tips on Booking a Train From Kuduna to Abuja

1. If you make payment for a ticket and get debited but don’t get a ticket. Go to the Menu tab, Go to the profile, click on the tickets, and input the date of purchase to see ticket history. Select a ticket and reprint your ticket.

If your tickets are not located here, feel free to contact our customer service hotline or reach out via email at [email protected], providing the payment receipt details, booking information, and reference number.

2. Currently, there is no feature to book a return ticket. You can only book for one-way trips.

3. You can board from the nearest station if your ticket covers it.

4. If you purchased Your ticket online, and forgot your printed ticket at home, you can access your tickets on your web or Mobile profile.

5. If you cannot download the Web APP, it means you already have it installed on your computer, search for NRC E-ticketing in the programs area. For mobile, please ensure you visit authorized application stores(Google Play Store and Apple App Store)I forgot my password.

You can click on the reset/forgot password link on the different platforms.

6. If you cannot see a 2 pm ticket for Wednesday, the NRC operates an express schedule every Wednesday. Only Two trains are scheduled on Wednesdays. Kindly check the Website for train schedule details.

7. How to create an account. You can access the registration form by clicking on the signup/ register button on NRC’s various platforms, having registered and logged in.

or you and sent to your mail. you can always find and reprint tickets from your ticket history.

8. If you can’t buy a ticket after entering your trip details Please log in and try again.

How to get a seat

  1. Input your destination and source stations.
  2. Select your desired date of travel.
  3. Click on the search/find my trains button to show available trains for your trip.
  4. Select a train and a coach type (for example VIP, VVIP, Economy, etc).
  5. Click on the dropdown(below, Please select a coach), to see coach details.
  6. Select a coach and pick a seat(s).
  7. Click on Reserve Seat and then click on Pay with Rave to pay with your ATM card.

Once the steps are completed, a QR code-based ticket will be generated for you and sent to your mail. you can always find and reprint tickets from your ticket history.

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NRC Policy

1. Using one account, Only two(2) tickets are allowed per train, for now, you can buy tickets for

  1. Yourself
  2. You and one other person
  3. two different passengers excluding yourself

2. Your ticket is valid for only the train you paid for.

3. Your ticket is valid until the date of expected travel.

4 Don’t send money to an NRC official to book a ticket for you, this is strictly against NRC policy.

5. Currently, NRC has a NO REFUND policy.