Kano State Salary and Wages [Details] 

This content presents the Kano State salary structure and wages across different sectors. I hope you are in the right place.

The State Government of Kano State is in charge of managing the salaries and wages of its employees. They provide policies for equitable and competitive remunerations.

The policies are regularly reviewed and updated to meet economic changes.

Kano State and Salary Background

Kano is the most populous economy in northern Nigeria, with 44 Local Government Areas with large mass land. The state has diverse economic activities with numerous natural resources workforce,

Kano State is situated in the Northwestern part of Nigeria. It shares borders with seven other Nigerian states Jigawa to the northeast, Bauchi and Kaduna to the south, Katsina to the northwest, and Kebbi, Sokoto, and Zamfara to the west. It was estimated to have over 15 million residents. They have a rich cultural heritage, the Kano Emirate, with its headquarters in Kano. The economic activities in the State are Agriculture and trade, and Kano State is the commercial center in northern Nigeria. Islam is the predominant religion in Kano State. The state has 44 Local Government Areas and a large of land.

Kano Salary

The government of Kano State presents fair and competitive salaries and wages for its employee and implement different allowances and benefits to enhance its workers. This includes housing and transportation allowances, medical benefits, and other allowances to address issues employees face in their respective roles.

They present prompt and regular payments, which is necessary for the financial stability and morale of the workforce.

Kano State also emphasizes transparency and accountability in its salary and wage administration, ensuring that employees are not paid by favoritism but by the standard and free from discrimination. This approach promotes trust and confidence among employees,

The government studies best practices from other states and countries to enhance its compensation policies, ensuring its employees’ salaries remain competitive.

List of Ministries That Earn Salary and Wages in Kano State

  1. Kano State Ministries for Local Government and Community Development.
  2. Kano State Ministries of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  3. Kano State Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives & Tourism.
  4. Kano State Ministries of Higher Education.
  5. Kano State Ministry of Education.
  6. Kano State Ministry of Environment.
  7. Kano State Ministry of Finance.
  8. Kano State Ministry of Health.
  9. Kano State Ministry of Land and Physical Planning.
  10. Kano State Ministry of Planning and Budget.
  11. Kano State Ministry of Rural and Community.
  12. Kano State Ministry of Science & Technology
  13. Kano State Ministry of Water Resources.
  14. Ministry of Women Affairs.
  15. Kano State Ministry of Information, Internal Affairs, Youth Sports & Culture.
  16. Kano State Ministry of Works Housing & Transport.

Kano State Salary and Wages

In Kano State, the salaries and wages of employees depend on the particular industry, job position, qualifications, and experience. The higher-level officials earn more than lower-level salary grades.

The minimum salary for senior civil servants is NGN25,400, while junior civil servants earn a minimum of NGN 22,100.

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Kano State Salary in Details

Salary structure, starting from grade level 1 to grade level 16.

N/OGrade LevelAverage Monthly Salary EarnsAverage Annual Salary Earns
1Grade Level 1 The Lowest Level N22,100 and N23,096 N250,200 NGN to N305,152
2Grade Level 2N26,176 and N29,610.N297,968 and N371,760
3Grade Level 3N32,085 and N33,878.NGN 385,020 to 4,065,456 NGN
4Grade Level 4About N37,089About 560,949k Naira
5Grade Level 5About 39,032k NairaAbout 653,084 Naira
6Grade Level 6 An Entry level For NCE42,057 Naira432,098 Naira
7Grade Level 7N66,386 and N93,781N916,632 to N1,325,372.
8Grade Level 8 An Entry level For Bsc N164,434 N1,973,208 and N2,935,928
9Grade Level 9 An Entry Level For Master DegreeN193,819 and N289,324.N2,435,828 and N3,459,888
10Grade Level 10NGN 218,180 and N343,220 N2,838,160 and N3,918,400
11Grade Level
12Grade Level 12N263,240 and N379,597N3,088,830 and N4,255,064.
13Grade Level
14Grade Level 14 N325,518 and N457,952N3,932,256 and N5,463,474
15Grade Level 15N360,537 and N502,217 N4,316,564 to N6,326,604
16Grade Level 16N399,701 and N579,043

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Kano state Wages

Wages also vary depending on experience, qualifications, and job type. The lower level grade earns average hourly wages in Kano State ranging from NGN158 and NGN256 in the healthcare sector.

Skilled laborers earn between NGN85 and NGN115 per hour, and medical practitioners can make about NGN400 to NGN500 per hour.

Note: These are reliable to changes by Kano state salary and wages administration or wages directorate.

Kano State Salary and Wages Directorate

Office of the Head of Civil Service Kano (OHCS)

Kano State Salary and Wage Portal



If You intend to work and live in Nigeria, Kano State is a place to choose because of its competitive salary structure, financial security, and stability in the social economy.

Kano State presents fair and competitive salaries and wages to maintain a productive workforce. The state government provides policies and practices for timely and equitable compensation to its employees with allowances and benefits.

They continue improving transparency and accountability, which are their guiding principles. The Directorate of Kano State’s salary and wage administration ensures that the state remains a desirable employer for skilled professionals.

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