African Restaurant: 70 Must-Taste Dishes in African Restaurants

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African Restaurant

The culinary legacy of Africa is a treasure number of recipes passed down through generations. Enriched by diverse cultures across the continent, each tribe contributes its unique culinary heritage, reflecting a collection of flavors, spices, and cooking methods. This collection presents a glance into African food culture, featuring dishes that warrant exploration.

African cuisine is a cornerstone of the continent’s identity, closely intertwined with its history and indigenous communities. Native diets have been molded by climate, lifestyle, and spirituality. Rooted in plant and seed ingredients, these cuisines spotlight the abundance of Africa’s regions. From Central to Southern Africa, from East to West,

Top Best 70 African Restaurant Must-Taste Dishes

1. Biltong & droewors

Biltong & droewors is a tasteful dish in South African restaurants. Crafted from beef or a game like springbok, which are air-dried snacks. The meat is cured in a mixture of vinegar, salt, sugar, and spices like coriander, and pepper, they’re dried after. This meal is Higher in protein, low in fat, and cherished by health fans. Modern versions add chili, garlic, and diverse meats like ostrich and wild boar.


Fufu, a prevalent and the best West African restaurant dish to try out, it is a soft, pliable Nigerian swallow food. Created from cassava, fermented or not, it’s boiled, pounded, and molded into spheres. This starchy staple is consumed across Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa. Amala Fufu, eba, and pounded yam share the same consumption pattern torn and utilized as scoops for soups and stews.


Sukuma Wiki is a special dish in East African restaurants and homes. Showcasing braised collard greens or kale mixed with onions, tomatoes, and spices. This starchy staple and vegetable are consumed across Tanzania and Kenya. This nutritious delight is often found in their daily meals. Its simplicity, affordability, and versatility make it a perfect accompaniment to various dishes.


Sadza is also refers to as Ugali. It is a staple food in Kenya, particularly throughout Southern African restaurants. Sadza can be eaten with meat or fish or with vegetables and sauce.


Injera is a delicious, soft, thin sourdough flatbread in Ethiopia/Eritrea. It’s light and slightly spongy and it is made with just two ingredients, fermented teff batter and water.

A common sight gracing Ethiopian lunch and dinner tables. This meal resembles a crepe or a Mexican tortilla.

INJERA is a staple food usually serves as a base for scooping stews, meat, and vegetables like Doro wat, gomen wat, and much more.

6. Cape Malay curry

Preparing Cape Malay curry involves cinnamon, saffron, chili garlic, and onions. Often enjoyed with bread. Its taste is a combination of sweet and savory tastes.

In the 17th century, the Dutch and French landed and settled in Cape Town, bringing slaves from Indonesia, India, and Malaysia, along with their spices and traditional cooking methods. It is one of the must-taste South African restaurant dishes to try out.

7. Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow is a street food of Durban that has become popular across South Africa and is in high demand in London. This meal is bread and stuffed with spicy curry, created by the immigrant Indian community and served to workers for lunch in the Natal area of Durban. You can enjoy the chicken, pork, or vegetarian varieties containing lentils and beans.

8. Amarula Don Pedro

African Amarula is a cream liqueur from indigenous marula fruit inconjuction with ice cream. It is a mouthwatering meal found in most of the South African restaurants.

9. Melktert

This milk tart meal is from South African tradition and is the best African restaurant dish, it is easy to prepare and can be served hot or cold. It is similar to the British custard tart or Portuguese pasties de nata. It is lip-smacking and a real winner.

Preparing Melktert involves a pastry case filled with milk, eggs, and sugar, usually thickened with flour. The finished tart is traditionally dusted with cinnamon. It is more of dessert and is available in many South African restaurants.

10. Malva pudding

Malva pudding is a springy and soft cake with flavors of apricot jam and caramel endowed with a charming creamy sauce similar to the milk tart. It is one of the must-taste South African desserts, found in most South African restaurants. and best when combines with thin custard and ice cream.

11. Classic Potato Bake

Classic Potato Bake is a favorite meal in South African restaurants. The potatoes are sliced very thinly and baked evenly and slow-cooked to allow them to absorb the flavored liquid. It is spices with mushrooms, bacon, or biltong. It is a cheesy and creamy potato bake and is simple to make with basic ingredients.

12. Kitfo

Kitfo is a great delight in Ethiopians, and the best African restaurant dish prepared from the leanest meat, a very nutritional meal. The meat is minced and warmed in a pan with a little butter, mitmita, and sometimes thyme.

This meal best after a taxing day of travel or in the event of a hangover following an extended evening.

13. Beyainatu

Beyainatu meal is widely available in most of Ethiopia’s hotels and tiny food shacks beside the road. Due to Ethiopia’s robust heritage of observing religious fasting and refraining from consuming meat on Wednesdays and Fridays,

Beyainatu is a tasteful meal appreciated by Ethiopians and numerous visitors to Ethiopia.

14. Dulet

Dule is a mixed dish of meats made with minced tripe (an animal’s stomach lining), along with liver and lean beef fried in butter, onions, chile, cardamom, and pepper. It is one the best and must-taste meals in Ethiopia

15. Kenyan Pilau – Flavors of the East African

Kenyan Pilau, also known as East African Pilau, graces tables in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda as a beloved rice dish. This straightforward creation combines rice and stock infused with the warmth of ginger, garlic, and cumin. Whether it is savore independently or accompaning by various meat or vegetable complements, its taste is delight.

16. West African Chicken Pepper Soup – Hearty Delight from the West

Indulge in a delectable West African chicken pepper soup the best African restaurant dishes. Its richness, comfort, and nourishment make it an ideal choice for serving during chilly evenings, perfectly complemented by a side of fresh crusty bread.

17. African Lemon Ginger Tea – Zesty Tradition in a Cup

Experience the traditional African Lemon Ginger Tea, a symphony of spicy lemon and comforting ginger flavors. Elevate your recipe repertoire with this delightful treasure and the best African restaurant dish.

18. African Irio – Fusion of Mashed Potatoes, Corn, and Peas

African Irio, is a prevalent side dish in Kikuyu community of Kenya, harmoniously with mashed potatoes, corn, and peas. Simple to craft, the ingredients are commonplace in most kitchens. Embark on this culinary adventure by preparing this comforting dish.

19. East African Chapati – Unveiling the Taste of the East

Journey through flavors with the East African Chapati the best and irresistible African restaurant dishes. Crafted from basic ingredients of flour, water, and oil, this scrumptious flatbread captures the hearts of East Africa. Embolden your meals with the authenticity of this cherished bread.

20. African-Style Crispy Spring Rolls – A Twist of Exotic Delight

Crispy Spring Rolls, is a tantalizing appetizer with an African twist. Irresistibly crisp on the outside, yielding a tender interior. These rolls transcend occasions, Providing an unforgettable culinary experience with the best African restaurant dishes.

21. Koshari – A Cairo Delicacy of Abundance

Prepare for a hearty carbohydrate journey with Koshari, a beloved street food in Cairo is the best African restaurant dish. Envision lines forming at kushari shops as locals seek a filling portion of this Egyptian favorite. The medley of rice, macaroni, and lentils crowned with tomato sauce and garlic vinegar, garnished with chickpeas and fried onions, presents a fulfilling, nutrient-dense, and budget-friendly delight that encapsulates Egyptian culinary desires.

22. Shawarma

Although shawarma is not native to Egypt originally, it has become so since Egypt was part of the Ottoman Empire. Shawarma is layers of meat which could be lamb, chicken, or beef that are placed on a spit and grilled, all day long. The outer layers are then shaved off and chucked into a tasty hunk of bread or roll. Shawarma sangas are a big highlight.

23. Fiteer Baladi (Egyptian Pizza)

This is one of the Egyptian dishes that is very much like pizza and the best African restaurant dish. It is super buttery and full of calories, but oh so worth it! Fiteer is made of plenty of filo pastry layers that are cooked in a brick oven. The original is serve plain however, it can be savory with meats, cheese, and vegetables or sweet with syrup, honey, or sugar. You can’t say no to pizza!


West African Peanut Soup is a rich, satisfying soup. It is a wonderful, flavorful soup with a unique combination of ingredients and spices and the best African restaurant dish.


This Chicken Stew is a dish of Nigerian origin and the best African restaurant dish. It always includes chicken, onion, tomatoes, bell peppers, and garlic.


Nigerian buns are a popular street food in Nigeria. This usually involves frying pasta flour dough in vegetable oil. It is eat as breakfast with coffee or tea and as a snack at any other time.


A delicious vegetable stew from Ethiopia. 


This is one of the most popular dishes in Ethiopia and the best African restaurant dish. It is a spicy Ethiopian stew made of boiled chicken, onions, and spicy seasoning. It is usually eaten with injera bread.


Pepper sauce, a condiment, serves a purpose beyond being a mere accompaniment for fries or a topping for rice-based meals. Its exceptional flavor also enriches various savory stews and meat in West African cuisine.

It’s easy to make your pepper sauce at home with a few fresh ingredients, and it can add an extra kick to any meal that you enjoy! 


Akara is widely popular and a must-try African restaurant and street food. It is frequently sold by Vendors present this delicacy. It is prepared by blending peeled black-eyed peas, seasoning, and frying to perfection.


WEST AFRICAN MEAT PIE is a must-try delight in African restaurants. Prepared with seasoned ground beef, onions, and carrots.


Efo riro is a delicious meal and a must-try in West African restaurant, cook with spicy vegetable stew. While efo riro can also involve different combinations of meat, you can also choose to omit the meat and make it purely vegan.


Hot Pot Potatoes stand as a delectable and healthful delicacy originating from Cameroon. It’s a beautiful version of the beef stew but unique in its way.


Jollof rice is the most popular traditional dish in West African countries such as Senegal, Benin, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria. It exists in various forms throughout West Africa, and each country has its variation. The meal comprises a blend of several components, including tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell pepper, and various spices. Its popular to the extent that it is savore in most African Restaurants and on occasion.


Kachumbari is a spicy tomato and onion salad. It is popular in Tanzania and also found in other African restaurants like Zambia and Kenya. It’s one of the best dishes, it tastes good, is easy to prepare, and is low-cost.


Yassa Poulet is a Senegalese chicken dish, made with marinated and dating chicken. It’s served over rice or couscous. Yassa is a national dish of Senegal and must taste dish in African restaurant.


BANGA SOUP is a popular dish in Nigeria and the best dish to taste in African restaurants. Creamy thick soups with many variations depending on the region and the chef. Banga Soup is served with swallowed food like fufu, and pounded yam but can also be served over rice.


Peri-peri chicken is a dish well-known around the world. It has become an international phenomenon. It’s so popular that peri peri sauce can now in supermarkets across the globe!


Stewed beans are a much-loved Nigerian food. The recipe is simple: you take some dry beans (black-eyed peas), boil them for about 10 minutes, then simmer them in water for about an hour or till they become tender. Then stew with blended bell pepper and palm oil and season well. They’re delicious!


Bobotie is a traditional South African dish. Preparing African casserole is commonly and timeles using lamb or beef. Suitable for breakfast and lunch or dinner, it serves as an excellent family dish and is effortlessly to assembled.


EGUSI SOUP is a popular dish in Nigerian restaurants and other parts of Africa. It is regard as a delicacy, frequently presented at significant life occasions like weddings and parties.

Egusi soup consists of ground melon seeds (egusi), spinach leaves, or any other leafy greens, pepper, onion, and beef or fish.


Okro soup is a must-taste dish in West African restaurants especially in Nigeria and Ghana. It is prepare with Fish, beef, chicken, or any other meat and spices.


AFRICAN PUFF PUFF – A very delicious snack mostly in West African restaurants, and street vendors. It is made with flour and water to form a paste which is then fried to form balls of dough. It is best when compinion with hot sauce that has a very distinct taste.


Pepper soup is a popular West African restaurant dish, it is cook from goat meat and various spices. The soup is hot, spicy, and delicious cooked with local spices and condiments, this gives pepper soup its distinct flavor. It is one of the best African dishes you should try this out.


Nigerian Egg Rolls are a popular street snack in Nigerian and African restaurants, they goes to gether with a cup of tea as breakfast, and are great for brunch with a cup of orange juice!


If you are looking for a hearty Nigerian stew, Nigerian turkey stew is a top stew to try in African restaurant dishes.


Harira is fresh herbs and a variety of warm spices, It is a traditional Moroccan lentil and chickpea soup cooked in most homes and North African restaurants.

48. FOUL MUDAMMAS (Egyptian Fava Beans)

Preparing Egyptian Fava Beans involves creamy cumin, olive oil, and a zippy lemon garlic sauce with chili peppers.


POUNDED YAM is a staple food eaten by many Nigerian families and is a must-try African restaurant dish. It flows with delicious soups like egusi, Banga, Okoro, and many West African soups and stews. It is enjoy in many traditional Nigerian parties.


Shakshuka dish is cooked in a skillet or frying pan, where the vegetables are sautéed and then topped with a poached egg that cooks in the sauce. A delicious dish from in North Africa and the Middle East. Preparing this dish involves ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, onions, and eggs.


This is one of the tasted foods in Nigeria, and it is also popular in West African restaurants. It is a traditional meal that is cook with peeled beans, peppers, and seasoning.


Yam porridge is very easy to make and does not require much time, it is boil yam, pepper, palm oil, and onions and can spice with pieces of fish. It is a healthy meal that you can have for breakfast or dinner.


Githeri, is a dish commonly in many households throughout Kenya, isn’t limited to just dinner; it’s also enjoyed for breakfast or lunch.


Coconut Rice is a must-try staple food in West African restaurants that is prepare with coconut milk and water or stock. It goes well with most meat dishes, including roasted chicken, fried fish, grilled lamb chops, and roast pork.


Originating from Morocco, this traditional dish frequents the menus of Middle Eastern restaurants. Creating this delectable dish at home is both simple and delightful, requiring minimal preparation time. It pairs exceptionally well with couscous.


An integral component of North African cuisines, Moroccan couscous takes center stage in both everyday family meals and special occasions. Its robust, hearty flavor will undoubtedly leave you yearning for more.


Embrace the goodness of plantains without reservations by grilling them in your oven. Revel in the resulting caramelized perfection, savoring them alone or alongside peanuts, cashew nuts, spicy sauce, or fried fish. Optimal enjoyment is achieve when these delights are warm and tender.


For enthusiasts of bold flavors, suya spice stands as the ultimate seasoning choice. Combining peanuts, garlic powder, ginger powder, cloves, and more, this blend adds a burst of flavor and heat to beef, chicken, fish, and potatoes, transforming each dish into a culinary masterpiece.


In pursuit of zesty and fiery chicken wings? Look no further than the Moroccan Harissa Chicken Wings. Striking the perfect harmony between tanginess, spiciness, and sweetness, these wings seasoned with chili harissa guarantee an unforgettable taste experience.

60. Bariis (Rice)

Bariis, known as rice locally, occupies a pivotal role as Somalia’s national dish and a staple in every Somali household. Its preparation offers three distinctive variations:

  • Bariis cad (boiled rice), often served with milk, caters to the elderly, infirm, or those averse to spicy fare.
  • Bariis Iskukaris (rice cooked with sauce) is the prevalent choice, incorporating tomatoes, onions, garlic, meatballs, and the aromatic xawaash spice blend.
  • Bariis Iyo Suugo (rice with Somali sauce) marries rice with xawaash-infused onions and garlic, accompanied by a medley of Somali sauce toppings and roasted meats, making banana and homemade spicy pepper sauce an essential accompaniment.

61. Canbulo Iyo Bun (Beans and Coffee Berries)

Steeped in tradition, Canbulo Iyo Bun has sustained the Somali people for generations. A harmonious blend of beans and rice, beans, and wheat, or sorghum and wheat, complemented by fried dry coffee berries, occasionally joined by popcorn and cassava, creates a delectable and timeless feast. While often reserved for dinner, it’s also embraced as a friday breakfast, accompanied by prayers and reflections.

62. Sambusa

Sambusa, a beloved Somali dessert cherished by all, is a ubiquitous street food and an esteemed offering at upscale dining establishments. During the holy month of Ramadan, it holds particular significance, breaking the fast. Beyond its culinary role, Sambusa fosters familial bonds, often being a collaborative creation in the kitchen.

Available with fish or beef fillings, the meat is expertly blended with xawaash, onion, and garlic. Encased in thin, delicate fooliyo pastry, these triangular treats are deep-fried in palm oil to achieve a satisfying crunch. Often likened to Indian samosas, Sambusa proudly represents an African twist on the class.

63. Zaalouk Moroccan

Zaalouk Moroccan comprises green peppers and tomatoes, delightful carrots, or smooth courgette purée, accompanied by a serving of indigenous olives. It is a smoked eggplant dip infuse with flavors of garlic, paprika, cumin, and a hint of chili powder.

64. A Tagine

A tagine represents a clay cooking vessel characterized by its conical lid, from which a multitude of dishes take their name.

It can be seen bubbling away at every roadside café, found in top-notch restaurants and every home, and is always goes with bread.

65. Kefta tagine Beef

Kefta tagine Beef or lamb mince with garlic, fresh coriander parsley, cinnamon, and ground coriander into balls and cooked in a tomato and onion sauce.


Mandazi is a special type of yeast doughnut that is from some East African restaurants. It is usually accompaniment to tea or coffee and it makes for a great snack.

67. Mint tea

Known as ‘Moroccan whisky’, mint tea is the drink of choice. It is generously sweet using sugar scraped from a sugar cone.

Gunpowder tea undergoes steeping alongside a few sprigs of spearmint within the teapot and is the best African restaurant dish to try out. The resulting infusion is then pour into a tea glass from a height, giving rise to a froth known as the crown.

68. Fiteer Baladi (Egyptian Pizza)

This is one of the Egyptian dishes that is very much like pizza. It is super buttery and full of calories, of plenty of filo pastry layers that are cook in a brick oven. The original is serve plain however, it is savory with meats, cheese, and vegetables or sweet with syrup, honey, or sugar. It is a must-taste dish in Egypt and East African Restaurants.

69. Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup is an exceptional quality soup with a unique fragrance and develops a pleasantly consistency characteristic of okra or ewedu soup. This Nigerian delicacy incorporates an assortment of vegetables, meats, and fish, all cooked alongside ground dry ogbono seeds.

Ogbono Soup originating from the seeds of an African tree species, Ogbono soup is rich in protein. It serves a dual role as both a flavor enhancer in Nigerian soups and a source of its own distinctive aroma.

Much like other savory offerings in African restaurants, ogbono soup is typically relish with starchy accompaniments like fufu or pounded yam, creating a satisfying and harmonious dining experience.

70. Nourishing Vegetable Soup

This soup stands out for numerous reasons, spanning from its delectable flavor to the myriad of health advantages it offers. Packed with heart-friendly and cell-nurturing vegetables, it encapsulates a blend of benefits.

When paired with any of the classic Nigerian swallows, Vegetable Soup becomes a harmonious combination. It emerges as an essential, must-try dish in authentic African restaurants, brimming with nutrition and featuring vegetables such as ugu and water leaves.


The delights and diverse tastes of African Restaurants present an irresistible collection of dishes. Display delicious meals from Nigeria and beyond. Those restaurants provide authentic African taste, exceptional service, and premium flavors. Even if you desire Injera, Jollof Rice, Suya, or relish classic African dishes, your journey into the heart of African cooking will be remarkable. Embrace this flavor adventure and enjoy yourself in the delights of African Restaurants.