Top 12 Strong Rechargeable Standing Fan and Prices

Welcome to Businessantham. Do you intend to buy a rechargeable standing fan? there are many types and brands in the market, When buying a rechargeable standing fan, it is good to have versatile knowledge of the products to select the best that suits your needs.

We present details about rechargeable fans, the best brand, prices, the best place to buy, maintenance, and safety considerations.

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Rechargeable Standing Fan

A rechargeable standing fan comes with a built-in battery that can be charged using a power adapter or USB cable and uses a battery instead of directly plugged into an electrical medium.

They are flexible to use in areas without access to power or during power outages. A rechargeable fan will include a battery pack that is not serviceable by the user and will have no alternate power in some cases.

Others have an option for the fan to operate using the same AC adapter that charges the battery pack or has space for inserting regular batteries. Some rechargeable fans also offer solar chargers solar additional power sources.

Some fans can be plugged into a computer universal serial bus (USB) port to receive a charge.

Most nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries can turn a regular-battery-operated fan into a rechargeable one.

The best choice of charging sometimes includes a feature in rechargeable fans with multiple sources to select the best charging source.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Rechargeable Fan

Rechargeable standing fans are portable and versatile devices that provide cooling and air circulation without a constant power supply.

Here are some features of rechargeable standing fans:


Rechargeable standing fans are portable and lightweight, allowing you to move them around different areas of your home or office,


The batteries can be charged using a power outlet or USB ports because the fan is equipped with rechargeable batteries that eliminate the need for a direct power source.

Adjustable Height and Angle

Most rechargeable standing fans have an adjustable height and head feature, allowing you to set the height to your desired level and direct the airflow in specific directions.

Multiple Speed Settings

These fans allow you to adjust the airflow according to your preference from low, medium, or high speeds to customize the cooling effect.


Many rechargeable standing fans have an oscillation function, which means the fan head can rotate from side to side, distributing the airflow across a wider area and ensuring better air circulation.

Remote Control

This feature is useful when sitting or lying down and doesn’t want to get up to change the settings.

The remote control model allows you to adjust the fan setting from a distance.

Timer Function

Some modern rechargeable standing fans come with a timer function that allows you to set a specific duration for the fan to operate.

The fan will automatically turn off after a set period, such as when sleeping.

LED Display

The LED display makes it easy to monitor and adjust the fan’s functions, many modern rechargeable standing fans have built-in LED displays that show the current settings, such as speed level, timer settings, and battery life.

USB Charging Port

Some rechargeable standing fans come with an additional feature, a built-in USB charging port, that allows you to charge your mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, using the fan’s battery as a power source.

Energy efficiency

Rechargeable standing fans are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to Other cooling appliances such as air conditioning and regular fans.

Rechargeable standing fans are also eco-friendly alternatives, helping you reduce your electricity consumption.

Advantages Rechargeable Fans

Rechargeable standing fans offer several advantages over traditional ones that rely on direct power sources.

Here are some advantages of rechargeable standing fans.


One of the significant advantages of rechargeable standing fans is their portability, they can move them from one room to another, take them outdoors, or even use them during travel, such as camping trips or picnics.

They are not limited to being placed near a power source, allowing you to use them in different locations.


With a rechargeable standing fan, you don’t need to worry about cords or finding a nearby power source makes them easy to use in any desired location.

They provide the comfort of cordless operation.

Energy efficiency

Rechargeable standing fans are more energy-efficient air conditioning or electric fans because they operate on rechargeable batteries and consume less electricity.

This lead to low costs of energy and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Backup during power outages

Rechargeable standing fans can be a lifesaver when there are power outages. Their battery-powered ensures the continuation of function even when the electricity is down.

Multiple charging options

Rechargeable standing fans mostly come with different charging options, such as USB ports or AC adapters, a computer, a Power bank, or a wall outlet. Provides flexibility and comfort based on your specific charging needs and the availability of power sources.


Rechargeable standing fans contribute to a reduced carbon impression and are more environmentally friendly. Because they use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones, this help minimizes waste.


Rechargeable standing fans feature adjustable features like speed settings, oscillation, and inclination mechanisms. Some models even include additional features like built-in timers or remote controls for convenience. This allows you to customize the airflow and direction according to your preference.

Quiet Operation

Many rechargeable standing fans operate quietly, making them suitable for use in bedrooms, offices, or places where silence is desired. You can enjoy a cool breeze without being disturbed by excessive noise.

Low Maintenance

Rechargeable standing fans are easy to maintain. They eliminate the need for cords, cleaning air filters, lubrication and regular cleaning of the fan blades, and basic care.

Disadvantages Rechargeable Fans

While rechargeable standing fans offer several advantages, it is vital to consider their disadvantages. Here are some potential drawbacks of rechargeable standing fans:

Limited battery life

Rechargeable standing fans depend on battery power, which means they have a limited operating time and require recharging.

There are different qualities of batteries if you need continuous cooling for a long you will need spare batteries or access to a power source for recharging.

Charging time

Recharging the batteries of a rechargeable standing fan takes time to recharge the batteries, depending on the fan model and battery capacity because charging duration varies.

You will have to wait for the fan to charge before you can use it again if the battery is low.

Reduced Airflow Compared to Larger Lans

Rechargeable standing fans generally have smaller blades and motors compared to regular fans. They are not as effective in cooling larger areas or circulating air throughout a room. Their airflow is more effective for personal use or small spaces.

Battery degradation over time

Like any rechargeable battery, the battery in a rechargeable standing fan can degrade over time with repeated charging and discharging cycles, resulting in shorter operating times. Eventually, the battery may need to be replaced, which is an additional cost.

Risk of battery failure:

In some cases, rechargeable batteries can fail or malfunction, which results in reduced performance or needs replacement. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding charging, storing, and battery usage to minimize the risk of battery-related issues.

Higher upfront cost:

Rechargeable standing fans generally have a higher initial cost compared to electric fans, because of the inclusion of rechargeable battery technology. The upfront investment can be a consideration for some buyers.

Limited availability and options

Rechargeable standing fans are not widely available or have many model options compared to electric fans.

This can limit your choices of features, designs, or specific cooling requirements.

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Top12 Strong Rechargeable Standing Fans and Prices

Several reputable brands offer high-quality rechargeable standing fans. The top brands known for their reliable and efficient products are as follows;

1. Lontor Rechargeable Standing Fan Price

Lontor is a famous brand with a range of rechargeable products, including standing fans. They produce durable and efficient rechargeable standing fans with features such as adjustable height, oscillation, and multiple speed settings.


Lontor Rechargeable Standing Fan Price: ₦ 90,000

Product Description


2. Qasa Quality 18inch Rechargeable Fans With Remote Control Price

QASA is an outstanding brand that manufactures a variety of home appliances, including rechargeable standing fans. Their fans are reliable, durable, and energy efficient. QASA standing fans mostly come with adjustable features, remote control, and long-lasting batteries.

Qasa18inch Rechargeable Standing Fan Price: ₦ 42,490

Product Description

  • Rated power: 
  • Duration time: 3.5hr/High, 28hr/Low
  • Rechargeable battery: 12V 4.5Ah
  • Fan size: 18”
  • Fan speed: multi-speed up-down control Continuous variable speed
  • Height adjustable
  • DC 12V input socket
  • USB charger
  • LED night light

QASA 18-inch standing rechargeable fan is an innovative product that consists of 18-inch oscillating 5-speed fan blades that rotate to give you cool relief during the hot season. It features a built-in power cord with a plugged rechargeable battery that operates with electricity while charging itself at the same time. The speed level of the fan is controlled by the knob button and the rechargeable sealed lead acid battery last long for you to feel relaxed with fresh air all day long.

3. Greek Aire16 inches Rechargeable Fan Price

Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan, Rechargeable Outdoor Misting Fan, Portable High-Velocity Metal Floor Fan with 15000mAh Detachable Battery & Misting Function, the Ideal fan for Camping, Warehouse Garages Gym houses, Outdoors, and More – 16 inch.

Greek Aire16 inches Rechargeable Standing Fan Price: $209.99

Product Description

  • Portable Mist Fan For A Cool Breeze On The Go
  • Brand, Greek Aire
  • Color Blac & Mist-16
  • Power Source, Corded Electric Power
  • Style Modern
  • Product Dimensions, 122.4″D x255.6″ W x 3″H
  • Room Type Bedroom, Outdoor
  • Special Feature, Portable, High Velocity, Water Proof
  • Wattage, 16 Watts
  • Rechargeable Fan with Power Bank Function-15000mAh, 2- 5 Hours Charging, Runs up to 2-15 Hours
  • High-Velocity Fan With TILT Feature, Unique Metal Fan blade with powerful brush-less DC motor to provide Max 2000CFM high-performance airflow and durable function, ideal for warehouse, gym, garage, workshop, and Outdoor.
  • A Powerful Cordless Battery Fan
  • Variable Speed Control & Led Battery Indicator
  • Detachable Battery For Maximum Performance, 2 or 3 more batteries

Estimated Product Prices and shipping and other expenses are $511. 65 to Nigeria

See Details of Shipping:

4. Binatone Rechargeable Standing Fan Rcf-1855

Binatone is a renowned brand that produces a diverse range of consumer electronics and appliances. They present rechargeable standing fans with features like adjustable height, oscillation, LED indicators, and multiple speed settings. Binatone fans are durable with quality and performance.

Binatone Rechargeable Standing Fan Prices: ₦92,000

Remote Controlled
This rechargeable fan comes with a remote control which makes its control as seamless as an air-conditioner, it is a modern design that fits into office environments as well as homes and outdoor activities.

Product Description

  • Battery Duration:
  • 5 Hours / High Speed
  • 10 Hours / Low Speed
  • Versatile Design
  • A tillable head, well balanced with a sturdy base and adjustable height makes the RCF-1855 easy to manage and adapt to suit your unique needs. Its speed level can be controlled to your preference.
  • Indicator Light, An indicator light lets you know when the battery is fully charged, so you can easily monitor its use. It is portable and lightweight which makes it easy to move from one end of the room to another.


9-speed stand fan with 9-hour timer
USB port for charging mobile phones and power banks (DC5V 1000mA)
DC socket available for charging the fan by a solar panel
Over-charge and over-discharge protection
night light
9 hours charge time

Long-life Powerful Rechargeable Fan

Include replaceable 12V 6.5Ah AGM battery

  • 9-speed fan with 9-hour timer
  • USB for charging mobile devices (DC 5V 1000mA)
  • DC input socket, the charge from solar panel
  • Overcharge and over-discharge protection
  • Remote control Operation
  • Adjustable Heights and Oscillation (max heights 1.5m)
  • Charging, battery state, and Operation indication
  • Built-in LED night light
  • Charging time 6-8 hours
  • AC 100-240V 50Hz 1.2A max

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5. OX 18 Rechargeable Standing Fans and Prices

OX Industrial is a superior brand that specializes in manufacturing industrial-grade appliances. They produce rechargeable standing fans with strong powerful airflow and long-lasting batteries. OX Industrial fans are designed to withstand heavy usage and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The new improved OX 18” Rechargeable Standing Fan with remote provides you with uninterrupted breezy and refreshing air all through the day. The rechargeable fan is designed with a multi-angle tilting feature, durable materials that ensure longevity, a sleek elegant design, and a battery charge of up to 6 hours of cool air, ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes, consists of 18″ inch oscillating 3-speed fan blades, a built-in power cord with a plugged rechargeable battery that operates with electricity while charging itself at the same time and The knob button gives you the authority to be in control of the speed level.

OX 18 Rechargeable Standing Fan Price: ₦ 44,799

Product Features

  • Quick Full charging time 8-10 Hours.
  • Long duration 15 Hours.
  • AC/DC Operated.
  • USB Function.
  • Strong LED Light.
  • Remote Control.
  • Powerful Airflow.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Discharge and overcharge protection.
  • Automatic Oscillation.
  • Quiet and Durable Motor.
  • 0.5 Hours Timer.

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6. Rechargeable Foldable/Foldaway Standing Fans with 7200MAH Battery Operated, 6 – 24hrs Use

Yes, rechargeable foldable fans are available in the market. These fans are designed to be portable and convenient for use, during travel, outdoor activities, or in areas with limited power supply.

These rechargeable foldable standing fans come with built-in rechargeable batteries, allowing you to use them without connecting to a power source. These fans can be charged using a USB cable, either from a computer, power bank, or wall adapter. Some models even support solar charging, which is useful for outdoor use.

Rechargeable Foldable/Foldaway Fan with 7200MAH Battery Operated, 6 – 24hrs Use Prices: US $31.99

  • Shipping:
  • US $35.59 eBay International Shipping. 
  • Located in: Miami, Florida, United States
  • This item may be subject to duties and taxes upon delivery
  • Please note the delivery estimate is greater than 30 business days

Product Description

  • Power Source Battery, USB
  • Color, White
  • Item Diameter, 7.8 inch
  • Material, Aluminum, Plastic
  • Number of Speeds, 4
  • Suitable For, Indoor/Outdoor
  • Brand, Unbranded
  • Type, Portable Ventilation Fan
  • Item Height, 3.5 inch
  • Features, Rechargeable
  • Number of Blades, 3
  • Room, Any Room
  • Item Width, 7.8 inch
  • Item Weight, 1.8 lb

Rechargeable Foldable/Foldaway Standing Fan with 7200MAH Battery Operated, 6 – 24hrs Use.

  • Wide-Ranging Use. The Foldaway Fan with adjustable height from 14.2 to 39 inches by stretchable aluminum alloy tube, is convenient for you to use on kitchen table/office/home or camping.
  • Extra-Long Working Time. Build-in 7200MAH rechargeable battery. Working time varies from 6 Hours to 24 hours, depending on the speed selected.
  • Easy Operation. There is just one button to start and change speeds and operates very quietly.
  • Convenient to Storage. Portable Design for easy carrying or storage.
  • Quality-Guarantee. They accept returns for any quality issues. All our fans are meticulously tested to ensure optimal operation.
  • It is recommended a first full 5 hours recharge before using the product.

7. Duravolt Solar Rechargeable Standing Fans-Long Life Type (18)

Duravolt Rechargeable Standing Fan is a portable fan that operates on battery power designed to provide cooling and airflow in areas where access to electricity may be limited or unavailable. The fan comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using a power source such as a wall socket or a car charger.

New LONG LIFE TYPE Rechargeable 18-inch standing fan from the QLINK / QASA Company. DURAVOLT is a sister brand produced by the same company as the household name brand -QASA.

Duravolt Solar Rechargeable Standing Fans-Long Life Type (18)Price: ₦34,900

Product Description

  • Power supply AC230V 50Hz
  • Power input 52W
  • Rated current650mA+10%
  • Battery 6V4.5Ah x2
  • Rotational Speed 1400+10% (max)
  • Size of blade 432mm+3%
  • Height 1125 – 1365mm (adjustable)
  • Fan speed 3 settings 
  • Duration 11hr Low, 6hr Mid, 3.5hr High
  • Light 2 settings, bright LED x 4
  • Long-life LI-ON battery
  • Trusted brand( Duravolt = Qasa)
  • 1-year warranty
  • ACDC auto change-over
  • with timer &night light
  • USB 5V output
  • Detachable remote controller 
  • Over-discharge and over-charge protection
  • DC 15V Input available for solar charge 

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8. Sonik Rechargeable Standing Fans Srf-819r, with Remote

Sonik is an Exceptional brand that presents a range of home appliances, including rechargeable standing fans. The Sonik Rechargeable Standing Fan is a prevalent line of products with specific features and specifications depending on the model.

Here are some general characteristics of Sonik Rechargeable Standing Fan Srf-819r, with Remote with a price;

Sonik Rechargeable Standing Fan Prices: ₦38,900

  • Brand: Sonik
  • Model: SRF-818R
  • 18″ Rechargeable Stand Fan
  • With Remote Control, LED Light & USB Port
  • AC/DC Operated
  • Multi-Angle Oscillstion and Tilting Function
  • Built-In Power/Plug
  • 5 High-Efficiency Blades
  • Breezy But Silent Operation
  • Charging Indicator
  • Over-Charge & Over-Discharge Protection
  • 7-8 Hours Use After Fully Charged
  • Durable
  • Easy to Operate

9. Nexus Rechargeable Standing Fans

The Nexus Rechargeable Standing Fan is a standard model of standing fan manufactured by Nexus, a well-known brand in the home appliances industry. Nexus presents a range of appliances, including fans, that are designed to provide cooling solutions with added convenience.

Nexus 18″ Rechargeable Standing Fan with Remote Control(RF4531Ri) Price: ₦39,500

Product Description

  • Five durable blades stand fan
  • Long working time
  • Speed selector
  • Overcharging and discharging protection
  • Replaceable Batteries and Standard 3 Pin Plugs
  • AC/DC Operated
  • Adjustable Height
  • Timer & battery power indicator
  • USB socket charging for mobile phone
  • DC socket charged by solar panel

The Nexus NX-RF4531Ri – 18″ rechargeable fan comes with 5 blades that deliver a refreshing and healthier atmosphere into your home, shop, or office. You can tilt the head, adjusting it to suit your position. With the speed selector feature, you can control the speed to your preference, giving you cool refreshing air during very hot days.

Nexus NX-RF4531Ri – 18″ rechargeable fan conveniently works for 5 to 6 hours when fully charged giving you continuous cool air even when power goes out. It switches automatically to its internally recharged battery preventing your atmosphere from being interrupted.

The inbuilt overcharging and over-discharging protection system keeps your battery energy from damage even if you don’t use it for some time or are left in a power supply for a long.  It also comes with a replaceable battery and standard 3-pin plugs for convenience.

The Nexus NX-RF4531Ri – 18″ rechargeable fan differs from conventional fans in that it is mobile and can be comfortably moved around to the particular area or space where you needed

10. Century 18″Rechargeable Standing Fan+Remote+LED Light

Century is a reputable Nigerian brand that offers a wide range of home appliances, including rechargeable standing fans. They provide affordable and reliable fans with features like adjustable height, oscillation, and multiple speed settings. Century fans are known for their durability and value for money.

Century Rechargeable Standing Fan Price: ₦44,999

Product Description

  • 3 in 1 rechargeable & automatic emergency fan.
  • AC electricity and DC battery power supply are available and transfer automatically
  • 0.5 hours timer and with remote control
  • super bright LED lights and USB port to charge phones and digital products
  • discharge and overcharge protection to extend the battery life efficiently
  • The function of the LED light can work during charging
  • Battery capacity, charging, and full charge indicator light.
  • the product is convenient to be used for INDOOR and OUTDOOR functions during times of POWER failures. Century 16″ Rechargeable FRC 45-E is adjustable and has 6-12 hours of battery life.

It features LED Lights and also has a full charge and charging indicator light. The rechargeable fan features DC power supply modes and a 5-blade technology for efficient airflow and AC. It is adjustable and features, low-noise operation, automatic oscillation, and a durable motor.

Charge For a Duration of 7hr Before First Use.

Not Advisable TO Be In Use While Charging Is On Going because It Damages the Battery’s lifespan. 

11. Polystar 18 Inches Rechargeable Standing Fans | PVKL 3018

Polystar is a superior brand in the Electronics and Home Appliances market. The Polystar brand has sales support & service centers and also comes with an offer of a 1-year warranty. Their philosophy is to ensure that all Polystar products are affordable, innovative, and reliable. Here are some of the strong and best Polystar Rechargeable Fans;

Polystar 18 Inches Rechargeable Standing Fan | PVKL 3018 Price: ₦ 41,500

Key Feature

  • Weight (kg) 8
  • Color White

12. Solstar 18 Inches Rechargeable Standing Fans | Sol 18

The Solstar 18 18-inch rechargeable Standing Fan is a model of standing fan that is 18 inches in size and comes with a rechargeable battery. It is designed to provide a portable cooling solution with the convenience of being able to operate without being connected to a power source.

Solstar Rechargeable Standing Fan Prices: ₦43,000


  • Weight (kg) 8
  • Color White

Solstar 16 Inches Rechargeable Fans | Rfs-3008U

The Solstar 16 16-inch rechargeable Standing Fan is a portable fan that operates on both battery power and electricity. It features a 16-inch fan blade diameter, which provides a decent amount of air circulation in a room. The fan is designed to be placed on the floor or a surface and adjusted to different heights to suit your preference.

Solstar Rechargeable Standing Fan Price: ₦38,000


  • Weight (kg) 8
  • Color White

Maintainers and Safety Considerations of Rechargeable Fans

There are several important points to keep in mind When it comes to the maintenance and safety considerations of a rechargeable standing fan. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Carefully read the rechargeable standing fan manure and follow the guidelines for proper usage and maintenance.
  2. Overcharging or using inconsistent chargers can cause potential damage to the battery or safety hazards.
  3. Check the user manual for any instructions on how to lubricate the fan and the recommended type of lubricant to use.
  4. Regularly clean dust accumulation on the fan blades, motor, and other components.
  5. To maintain the effectiveness of the rechargeable fan, regularly test the safety features.
  6. Contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician for assistance with battery replacement.
  7. When storing or transporting the standing fan, ensure it is off, unplugged, and the battery is kept in a safe state. Store the fan in a clean, and dry place, and avoid extreme temperatures and moisture. Don’t place heavy objects on top of the fan.
  8. Avoid using extension cords and if you must, ensure it is appropriate for the fan. Make sure the power outlet and electrical connections are in good condition.
  9. Keep the fan away from objects that could obstruct airflow or pose a fire hazard.
  10. Always keep the fan on level ground to avoid tipping.

Remember, it is important to prioritize safety and proper maintenance to ensure the durability and safety of your rechargeable standing fan. If you have any problem concerning the usage or malfunctioning of the fan, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional assistance.