Siam Mall shops

Welcome to Siam Mall shops, a premier shopping and fun destination, a shopping paradise that presents delightful modernity and cultural richness.

Siam Mall shops are carefully selected to meet the needs and preferences of the diverse customer, it is not just a shopping destination. It is a home of entertainment and delights, the mall houses classic games and a cinema complex, that provides visitors with the latest international movies. Range of restaurants serving delectable dishes from all corners of the globe.

When you are in Tenerife and desire exceptional, delightful shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and a time-out experience, You’ve come to the right place for all your needs.

Permit us to introduce you to Siam Mall Restaurants, where all your wishes are pleased. Step into a world of amusement and satisfaction.

Brief Background of Siam Mall Tenerife

Siam Mall, a shopping paradise situated in the coastal town of Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, at Av. Siam, No. 3. This shopping haven was brought to life in the year 1973 by the vision of Wolfgang Kiessling and his talented son, Christoph.

Siam Mall provides a distinctive shopping experience that meets all your needs, 365 days a year with over 70 stores dedicated to fashion, leisure, and exquisite dining.

You will find everything you desire within the charming outdoor setting. Siam Mall has something to present to every visitor.

The Mall goes the extra mile by providing complimentary Wi-Fi, gift cards, and ample parking facilities. Embracing its role as a community center, the Mall hosts a collection of events, concerts, and cultural festivities that honor the rich heritage of Tenerife. The mall’s calendar is always scheduled with exciting happenings.

Siam Mall Architecture Design

Siam Mall transcends the definition of an ordinary shopping center. It is a charming shopping and entertainment haven. The fashionable luxury polished floors under your feet add to the inviting atmosphere, igniting a sense of excitement. It is a sanctuary of shopping and entertainment, where every visit guarantees a remarkable experience.

The Siam Mall’s supreme architectural technology and exquisite interior design seamlessly combine modernity and unparalleled convenience. providing a thoughtful layout that includes large parking spaces for easy navigation.

Siam Mall Mix Shops

Explore Siam Mall shops, where delightful shopping awaits. Enjoy a remarkable collection of stores meeting every taste and preference. Discover renowned international clothing brands, trendy footwear, exquisite accessories, lifestyle products, and dazzling jewelry. Beyond the world of fashion, the mall also boasts classic establishments that specialize in electronics, home decor, cosmetics, restaurants, entertainment, and much more, providing offers at unbeatable prices.

A special treat for your kids

Siam Mall presents a fantastic shopping area specifically designed for families. On the upper floor, a delightful space where parents enjoy shopping with their kids. The Drago Siam is a dedicated park for children, where young visitors engage themselves in car races and motorcycle rides.

Siam Mall takes pleasure in organizing regular free family events every weekend, aiming to bring joy and delight to the little ones. A wide display of activities for every child From interactive workshops and entertaining gymkhanas to lively concerts, and more. See Siam Mall offers, entertainment, beach, dog fest, special treats for children, and dedicated play areas For a more comprehensive understanding.

Siam Mall Restaurants

Welcome to Siam Mall Restaurants’ collection that meets every taste and preference. Featuring renowned international delicacies, including delectable cakes, delightful sweets, refreshing salads, and mouthwatering burgers. Authentic Mexican food, delectable fast food, pizzas, the finest Asian flavors, the perfect cup of coffee, American cuisine, and authentic tastes of Japan. Thailand, and China meals, an assortment of tempting desserts, fulfilling breakfasts, delightful brunch, and more. For more details, see the Comprehensive List of Siam Mall Restaurants Phone contacts, online contact, and Locations.

At Siam Mall, you have a wide collection of restaurants, each offering a scrumptious selection of dishes catering to VIPs and regular visitors.

Siam Mall Shops

Welcome to Siam Mall Shops, where the social scene comes alive with frequent events, live entertainment, and delightful dining, a hub of excitement and joy. Experience a variety of festivals and celebrations.

Discover renowned international clothing brands, trendy footwear, exquisite accessories, lifestyle products, and dazzling jewelry. Beyond the world of fashion, the mall also boasts classic establishments that specialize in electronics, home decor, cosmetics, restaurants, entertainment, and much more, providing offers at unbeatable prices.

Comprehensive List of Siam Mall Shops Contacts and Locations

Welcome once more to the “Siam Mall Shops, Tenerife” Get ready to explore the diverse shopping paradise that awaits you at Siam Mall. Join us on this exciting journey, where style, variety, and unparalleled satisfaction are guaranteed.

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Here are the Siam Mall shops.

Siam Mall Fashion shops

Bershka Siam Mall shop

Your most daring outfit with Bershka fashion clothes: the latest in fashion, accessories, and shoes for girls and boys. Time for a new look!

Store locationPhone ContactWebsiteOperation Hours
+34 922798204
www.bershka.comEveryday from 10:00h to 22:00h

Calzedonia Siam Mall shop

Stockings, Leggings, and swimsuits. Find the best collections for Women, Men, and Children.

Store locationPhone Contact
WebsiteOperation Hours
GROUND FLOOR, STORE 34+34 922.797.824es.calzedonia.comEveryday from 10:00h to 22:00h

Cortefiel Siam Mall shop

Discover exceptional Dresses, shirts, pants, polos, suits, jackets, shoes, accessories, and the latest trends.

Store locationPhone ContactWebsiteOperation Hours
GROUND FLOOR, STORE 14+34 922.790.079www.cortefiel.comEveryday from 10:00h to 22:00h

Encuentro Moda Siam Mall shop

Encuentro ModaThe most pleasing trends of the whole islandUPPER FLOOR, STORE 14 +34 922 79 26 43www.Encuentro

G5 Wear Siam Mall shop

G5 WearDiscover fantastic clothes in G5 Wear at our Siam Mall.

GROUND FLOOR, LOCAL 21+34 922.790.887

Guess the Siam Mall shop

GuessGUESS, founded in Los Angeles in 1981, is one of the most essential and famous “lifestyle” brands in the world, locate it at Siam Mall.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 12
+34 922.796.493

H&M H&M Home Siam Mall shop

H&M · H&M HomeH&M’s business idea is to present fashion and quality at the most reasonable price in a sustainable way. GROUND FLOOR, STORE 3 +34 800 000

Intimissimi Siam Mall shop

IntimissimiRealize Intimissimi men’s underwear and select from boxers, socks, and much more!GROUND FLOOR+34 922 75 33

Hackett Siam Mall shop

HackettApparel for men and boys, with a range of clothing and accessories.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 28+34 922 98 71

Havaianas Siam Mall shop

HavaianasPleasing everyone with their mixture of design and functionality.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 34 +34 922 79 76

KUBA Siam Mall shop

KUBAShoes and extra.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 30+34 928 225

Siam Mall shop

Realize the latest trends in fashion, footwear, and accessories for babies children, women, and men.OPEN FROM:
Every day from 10:00h to 22:00h

Mango Siam Mall shop

MangoUncover the latest trends in fashion, footwear, and accessories.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 4+34

Massimo Dutti Siam Mall shop

Massimo DuttiMost delinquent trends in fashion, footwear, and accessories for boys, girls women, and men.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 10
+34 922.750.112

Nazari Siam Mall Shop

The calmest fashion on the island at amazing prices.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 25+34 922 79 49

Oysho Siam Mall Shop

OyshoSwimsuits, pajamas, bras Soft & chic bikinis, or sportswear at the Oysho Siam Mall.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 6+34 922 78 94 70oysho-tenerife/

Parfois Siam Mall Shop

ParfoisLatest trends in fashion, footwear, and accessories for boys, girls women, and men.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 28+34 922 75 33

Pull&Bear Siam Mall Shop

The latest trends in handbags, jewelry, watches, and other items. Our goal is to design irresistible fashion accessories.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 11 +34 922 79 11 02www.Pull&

Punt Roma Siam Mall Shop

Punt RomaThe most relaxed and alternative fashion clothes for women and men, fashion Accessories, shoes. Dress the way you are!GROUND FLOOR, STORE 13+34 922 79 29 55

Rilylab Siam Mall Shop

RilylabJerseys, skirts, Jackets, shirts, pants, dresses, and accessories at your Punt Roma Siam Mall.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 20+34 922 79 57 18

Sfera Siam Mall Shop

SferaDon’t miss the latest fashion trends. Buy fashionable clothes for men, children women, and babies.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 11 +34 922 75 07


SkechersUPPER FLOORUPER FLOOR +34 922 21 90 85Find the most suitable shoe collections in one place.

Springfield Siam Mall Shop

Springfield Pants, jeans, blouses, jackets, sweatshirts, Shirts, polos, dresses, shoes, and accessories.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 17+34 901 36 30


StradivariusDiscover the latest trends in women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Feel the fashion!UPPER FLOOR, STORE 6+34 922 79 06

Timberland Siam Mall Shop

TimberlandUncover Timberland boots, shoes, and clothing at our Siam Mall.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 7

Vans Siam Mall Shop

VansFootwear and sportswear brands boosted by surfing and skateboarding.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 22+34 922 14 79

Walk it Siam Mall Shop

Walk itDiscover a collection of shoes and accessories for everyone, at the Siam Mall store.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 19+34 922.752.443
XtiShoes for men, women, and kids
UPPER FLOOR, STORE 26 +34 922 70 71

Zapatería RKS Siam Mall Shop

Zapatería RKSUnderwear store: lingerie, nightgowns, bras, panties, bikinis, pajamas, sexy corsets, and accessories in Women’secret Siam Mall.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 15+34 922 79 53

Zara Siam Mall Shop

ZaraDiscover the latest ZARA collection. The New Trends for women, and next season’s fashion edits men, and children.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 16

Siam Mall Lifestyle Stores

Base Deportes Natalia

Base Deportes Nataliafrom top brands at unique prices. They are sports! The best assortment of sports products.
UPPER FLOOR, STORE 19+34 922 79 48

Belros Siam Mall Shop

BelrosThe sweets of your life.UPPER FLOOR, STAND+34 922 75 30

BIS Nail & Make-up Bar Siam Mall Shop

BIS Nail & Make up BarThe finest products and beauty treatments in Tenerife.GROUND FLOOR, STAND+34 637 72 22

Bleu Clair Siam Mall Shop

Bleu ClairHighlight your beauty. Luxury Cosmetics. Products for the care of your body!GROUND FLOOR, STAND +34 651 90 65

BP Gasolinera Siam Mall Shop

A different gas station

CPR Siam Mall Shop

CPRFind them on our ground floor for The best accessories!GROUND FLOOR,

Da Express Siam Mall Shop

Da ExpressGROUND FLOOR, STAND+34 922789053

Farmashop Miracle Siam Mall Shop

Farmashop MiracleA place where health and aesthetics coexist. Excellent brands and qualified personnel who are happy to advise you.GROUND FLOOR +34 922 19 66

Finca Canarias Aloe Vera Siam Mall Shop

Finca Canarias Aloe VeraTheir philosophy is to make a series of products of the highest quality and purity with aloe vera.GROUND FLOOR  +34 638 38 85

Japon Market 24h Siam Mall Shop

Japon Market 24hTodo el sabor de Japón en un solo lugarPLANTA ALTA,

Jazztel Siam Mall Shop

JazztelThe most acceptable offers of ADSL Internet, Mobile, and much more!STAND, GROUND FLOORThe most reasonable offers of ADSL Internet, Mobile, and much

La Once Siam Mall Shop

La OnceGet them in Siam Mall. ONCE Coupon: daily coupon, cuponazo, weekend, and exceptional offers!GROUND FLOOR,

Loteria y apuestas del estado Siam Mall Shop

Loteria y apuestas del estadoCompra el Lotto, el EuroMillones y mucho más.PLANTA BAJA +34 822905828

Mas Life Siam Mall Shop

Mas LifeThe best mobile phones offer at Grupo Masmóvil, a multi-brand store. Get the best Internet and mobile rates.GROUND FLOOR, STAND+34 633246444EMAIL:
[email protected]

Mini Good Siam Mall Shop

Mini GoodLifestyle, beauty, accessories, fashion, home, electronics, office, and sport.UPPER FLOOR+34 922 27 70

Mister Wash Siam Mall

Mister WashThe Siam Mall car wash has great promotions. Want your car to shine both outside and inside? Come! Located in the underground parking lot.UNDERGROUND PARKING+34 822 66

Mondame Siam Mall Shop

MondameHairdresser’sUPPER FLOOR, STORE 32 +34 623 13 03

Multiópticas Siam Mall Shop

MultiópticasThe best Multiópticas created for you. No matter who you are there are.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 23+34 922 75 35

Mr. Wonderful Siam Mall Shop

Mr. WonderfulMr. Wonderful, discover original gifts, the happy product store to cheer up the staff. UPPER FLOOR, STORE 13+34 922 95 37

Orange Siam Mall Shop

OrangeDiscover the best brands of perfumes, cosmetics, makeup, and personal care. The best products at the best price.GROUND FLOOR, STAND+34 685 91 98

Perfumería Sabina Siam Mall Shop

Perfumería Sabinabest brands of perfumes, cosmetics, makeup, and personal care. The best products at the most reasonable price.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 2+34 922 33 89

Zara Home Siam Mall Shop

Zara HomeNew Zara Home collection at Siam Mall. The latest trends in textiles and home decor in the GROUND FLOOR, STORE 9+34 922 79 45

Siam Mall Jewelry and Accessories Stores

Amaloa Siam Mall Shop

AmaloaA wonderful shop that has magic and beautiful accessories for everyone. 
GROUND FLOOR, STAND+34 922 75 02 52

Bijou Brigitte Siam Mall Shop

Bijou BrigitteHere you will find accessories that shine with a captivating effect. Jewelry has been accompanying humankind for centuries.GROUND FLOOR, STORE

Canglasses Siam Mall Shop

CanglassesSunglasses and moreUPPER FLOOR, STAND

Casa del Oro Siam Mall Shop

Casa del OroThe most satisfactory selection for demanding customers.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 24

Casa del Oro Gift Siam Mall Shop

Casa del Oro GiftThe most unique detail for your loved one.GROUND FLOOR, STAND+34 668 89 80 03

Pandora Siam Mall Shop

PandoraPandora is much more than a jewelry brand. You will live unforgettable Moments with the rings, charms, bracelets, and pendants of Pandora. GROUND FLOOR, STORE 36+34 922 79 51

Pelucas Algo Así Siam Mall Shop

Pelucas Algo AsíPelucas, postizos, extensiones y complementos de moda para el cabelloPLANTA ALTA, STAND+34 644 74 67

Sunglass Hut

Sunglass HutGlasses of the more recognized brands for men, women, and children.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 30 +34 673 18 01

La Casa de las Carcasas Siam Mall Shop

La Casa de las CarcasasLa Casa de Las Caracasas is a store of phone cases and tablets. Both for the latest devices and for those that have been on the market for a time, however old they may be. It has a large stock of products and models,UPPER FLOOR, STAND+34 822 72 05

Suntruckinc Siam Mall Shop

SuntruckincGet special eyewear brands like D.FRANKLIN, HAWKERS, PARAFINA & the swimwear of Bum Bum Island at your stand.GROUND LEVEL+34 672788350.

Swarovski Siam Mall Shop

SwarovskiDiscover the Swarovski crystal. Shop online for their Fashion Jewelry, home costumes, fashion accessories, figures, decorations, and more at your Siam Mall store.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 25+34 922 75 36 42

Time Road Siam Mall Shop

Time RoadThe finest brands of watches and jewelry are in the Timeroad online store.+34 922 75 02 52

Tous Siam Mall Shop

TousTous is a Spanish jewelry, accessories, and fashion firm.

Buy bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces, chokers, Jewelry for men and children, and more.
GROUND FLOOR, STORE 29+34 608 03 92

Siam Mall Supermarket

SUPERMARKETphone contact
Hiperdino +34 922 75 71 78

Siam Mall Children’s Treats

Bricks GardenKid’s playroom with a city built from Lego where you can play, and take apart any model!UPPER FLOOR 
MayoralNewborn collection, Mayoral children’s fashion, Baby, Mini, Boys and Girls.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 2034 922 79 02
DreamlandToys and much more!UPPER FLOOR, STORE 24+34
Drago SiamPlaygarden for children to live distinctive moments.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 23A+34 922 97 17
EurekakidsEurekaKids, instructors, toys and find games designed for the whole family to play together.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 21+34 922 79 43

Operational Hours


Friday11 am–10 pm
Saturday10 am–10 pm
Sunday11 am–10 pm
Monday11 am–10 pm
Tuesday11 am–10 pm
Wednesday11 am–10 pm
Thursday11 am–10 pm


Siam Mall Shops in Tenerife is a shopping destination with its wide collection of diverse shops, it presents a delightful and satisfying experience for every visitor. Starting from fashion styles, unique treasures, or treats, Siam Mall has it all. The blend of international and local brands creates a shopping landscape that meets all tastes and preferences.

The welcoming atmosphere adds to the charming shopping mall. Siam Mall in Tenerife is undeniably a destination for anyone seeking remarkable shopping on this beautiful island.