Siam Mall Restaurants

Welcome to Siam Mall Restaurants Tenerife. Enjoy quality time with friends and family while downing refreshing beverages and delectable dishes from numerous famous brands.

When you are in Tenerife and desire an encompassing, delightful eateries, entertainment, and relaxation experience, discover the best destinations!

Permit us to introduce you to Siam Mall Restaurants, where all your wishes are pleased. Step into a world of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Brief Background of Siam Mall Tenerife

Siam Mall is located in Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, at Av. Siam, No. 3. Established in 1973 by Wolfgang Kiessling and his son Christoph. Siam Mall Standard is a shopping destination boasting a plethora of delights for visitors.

Siam Mall provides convenient shops 365 days a year, offering a distinctive shopping experience in the breathtaking Canary Islands. Over 70 stores are dedicated to fashion, leisure, and exquisite dining, all within a charming outdoor setting.

Beyond shopping, Siam Mall provides complimentary Wi-Fi, gift cards, and spacious parking facilities. The Mall embraces its role as a community center, hosting events, concerts, and cultural festivities that celebrate the rich heritage of Tenerife. From traditional performances to contemporary concerts. The mall calendar of events always has something exciting.

Siam Mall Architecture Design

Siam Mall is not an ordinary shopping mall. It is a shopping and entertainment paradise that presents a premium experience. Immediately you step into Siam Mall. You will instantly be electrified by the embraced atmosphere. The air whizz as you step on the fashionable luxury polish floors. This is a shopping and entertainment sanctuary that provides a remarkable experience.

The architectural design of Siam Mall is blended with modernity and sophistication for convenience. The mall is classic and topmost comfortable, creating an attractive atmosphere with sleek architecture, technology, and interior design. The mall design exceeds an ordinal mall. The layout is thoughtfully packaged, providing large parking spaces for easy navigation to ensure comfort for shoppers and customers.

Siam Mall Mix Shops

Experience the diverse selections of Siam Mall shops landscape that awaits you. Siam Mall presents an exceptional selection of shops that meet every taste and preference. From famous international brands of clothes, footwear, accessories, lifestyle, jewelry. Beyond fashion, the mall provides classic stores specializing in electronics, home decor, cosmetics, restaurants, entertainment, and more at exceptional prices.

A special treat for your kids

Siam Mall has an excellent shopping area designed for families, a delightful space to shop with your kids on the upper floor, and Drago Siam, a park dedicated to children. Here, young visitors can satisfy themselves with exciting car races or ride motorcycles.

Siam Mall delights in hosting free family events almost every weekend for the little ones to have joy. From engaging workshops and fun gymkhanas to concerts, there is something for every child to relish at Siam Mall. See reasons to visit Siam Mall for complete knowledge about Siam Mall, collection of entertainment, special treats for children, and play areas for children. The mall provides an enjoyable experience for everyone and more.

Siam Mall Restaurants Tenerife

Siam Mall Restaurants presents a lively social scene with regular events, live entertainment, and dining nights, making it a hub of excitement and celebration. From festivals to celebrations of the island’s rich culinary heritage.

Siam Mall presents an exceptional selection of Restaurants that meet every taste and preference. From famous international dishes including the best cakes, sweets, salads, delicious burgers, Mexican, fast food, Pizzas, best Asian flavor, coffees, American Restaurants, Flavors from Japan, Thailand, and China, Desserts, breakfasts, brunch, and more.

In Siam Mall, you can visit the restaurants and enjoy delectable dishes at any of the many restaurants available. They present dishes for VIPS and average.

Comprehensive List of Siam Mall Restaurants Contacts and locations in the Mall

Welcome again to the comprehensive “List of Siam Mall Restaurants, Tenerife. The list encompasses the diverse Restaurant landscape that awaits you at Siam Mall. Join us as we embark on a journey filled with style, variety, and unparalleled satisfaction.

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Here is the complete list of Siam Mall Restaurants

Siam Mall RestaurantsSiam Mall Restaurants Description offersSiam Mall Restaurants LocationsSiam Mall Restaurants Phone ContactSiam Mall Restaurants Online Contacts
100 Montaditos100 montaditos different for unique people.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 37+34 922 78 82
Amorino+34 922 75 08
Blend Coffee & FoodBURGER KING® Enjoy a delicious burger and other products at Siam Mall.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 33+ 34
Burger KingSiam Mall coffee shop. Sweets, and much more. Add flavor to your life. GROUND FLOOR,
DulcineaThe best Asian flavor Noodle Box and Sushi, is your restaurant for fast and healthy food, where you choose what you want to eat.GROUND FLOOR, STORE 32+34
HabaneroMexican food specials.UPPER FLOOR, STORE
Noodles Box & SushiDo you want one of the famous towers? Pizzas? Find the place on the top floor for your Delicious! UPPER FLOOR, STORE 31+34
Martini RestaurantMartini Siam Mall, the best average Martini. UPPER FLOOR+34
Lou´sAmerican Restaurants specialsUPPER FLOOR+34 922752192lousfoodrepublic
Samba breakfasts, brunch, and Desserts,UPPER FLOOR, STORE 40+34
Shan ExpressFlavors from Thailand, Japan, and China under one roof.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 29PHONE:
+34 922125263
Soul Kitchen Tenerife breakfasts, brunch and Desserts,UPPER FLOOR, STORE 35+34 922 78 78
StarbucksUPPER FLOOR, STORE 39+34
Tony Roma´sRibs famous! Visit and fall in love with our dishes.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 38+34
VIPS SmartVIPS Smart. Because one type of VIPS is not enough.UPPER FLOOR, STORE 2+34

Siam Mall Restaurants Operation Hours


Friday11 am–10 pm
Saturday10 am–10 pm
Sunday11 am–10 pm
Monday11 am–10 pm
Tuesday11 am–10 pm
Wednesday11 am–10 pm
Thursday11 am–10 pm


Siam Mall Restaurants in Tenerife presents an exceptional dining experience that beautifully reflects the rich culinary heritage of the island and international flavors. With a diverse collection of restaurants, In Siam Mall, you can visit the restaurants and enjoy delectable dishes at one of the many available restaurants, including 100 Montaditos, Amorino, Blend Coffee & Food Burger King Dulcinea, Lou´s, Samba Shan, Express Soul Kitchen Tenerife, Starbucks, Tony Roma´s, VIPS Smart, Habanero Noodles Box & Sushi, Martini Restaurant.

Visitors can explore a range of cuisines crafted by skilled chefs who take pride in sourcing fresh ingredients.

The inviting atmosphere, special service, and regular events make it a lively social hub for residents and tourists. Even if it is traditional Canarian dishes or international delights, Siam Mall Restaurants provide a delightful gastronomic journey that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. It’s a must destination for those desiring remarkable moments in Tenerife.