Ikeja City Mall [Details]

Welcome to the world of excellent shopping, entertainment, and comfort. Ikeja City Mall is a prominent shopping and entertainment destination in Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria. The shopping complex provides a superior mix of modern facilities, top amenities, and exceptional entertainment and leisure environment to meet diverse visitors.

Ikeja City Mall is a prime example of successful shopping center, recreational, and entertainment destination. This dynamic shopping center has been a landmark in Lagas since its inception and a symbol of progress and urbanization.

If you find yourself in Lagos and wish for a delightful shopping and entertainment experience, search no further. as we present to you Ikeja City Mall, where all your desires are cared for!

Permit us to share all the essential details about this extraordinary shopping and entertainment mall opened to the public in Lagos.

About Ikeja City Mall

Ikeja City Mall is a continuous initiative legacy of Acti’s successful retail centers, including the Palms, the Junction, Accra Mall, and Jabi Lake Mall. As a pioneering venture, it is the foremost shopping and leisure destination in the capital city of Lagos. Lagos with a population exceeding 10 million.

Ikeja City Mall, popularly called (ICM) is located at the heart of Ikeja – Alausa, which is home to the state government and stands as the preferred retail destination in Lagos. With an extensive array of national and international tenants, ICM presents diverse shopping selection opportunities. Serving as a meeting point or recreational spot for friends, family, residents, tourists, and business people.

The city mall commenced construction in May 2010 and opened for trade in November 2011.

The architectural design comprises informal meeting places, a food hall, and other amenities and has three access roads by the sides for convenient access for shopping.

The Mall comprises 27,000 square meters of gross built area and about 23,000 square meters, features Silverbird Cinemas equipped with a 5-screen cinema theatre, and accommodates up to 100 shops, including Shoprite, the latest age store occupying over 4,400 square meters.

Additional special amenities include banks, cafés, bars, restaurants, hairdressing beauty salons, facilities for department stores, and more.

Features of Ikeja City Mall

Here are the Unique features of Ikeja City Mall

Superior Environment

Ikeja City Mall is not an ordinary shopping mall. It is a sanctuary of shopping and entertainment that presents a premium experience. Immediately enter the magnificent Ikeja City Mall. You will instantly be embraced by an electrifying atmosphere. The air whizz as you step on the stylish luxury polish floors. This is a shopping and entertainment haven that provides a remarkable experience.

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A Modern Architecture Design

The architectural design of Ikeja City Mall is blended with modernity and sophistication for convenience. The mall boasts elegance and topmost comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere from afar with sleek architecture, technology, and interior design. The mall design surpasses an ordinal mall. The layout is thoughtfully organized, providing big parking spaces for easy navigation to ensure convenience for shoppers and customers.

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Comfortable Shops Arrangements

The shop arrangements in Ikeja City Mall have been designed for comfort, providing ample space to elevate convenience. Guests can indulge in their selected shopping or entertainment in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

Choice Selection

Ikeja City Mall visitors can explore diverse products or services from various shops to meet their tastes and preferences. Shoprite, Silverbird Cinema, eateries, clothing brands and clothing stores, ATMs machines, and many more. The extensive lineup ensures there is something for everyone.

The vibrant social hub draws people from all walks of life with entertainment options, including a classic cinema complex, gaming zones, and recreational centers. Visitors enjoy diverse activities. Families find comfort in kid-friendly zones and playgrounds. While visitors can be enticed by a rich assortment of restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets, catering to various palates.

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Events and Presentation

Silverbird Cinema in Ikeja City Mall sometime hosts movie directors, film festivals, and lunching of musicals and theatre work, further enriching the mall and cinematic experience for customers.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of Ikeja City Mall is its role as a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Host numerous events, exhibitions, and performances. The mall celebrates the city, diversity, bringing together people from different backgrounds in a harmonious environment. It has become a stage for local talent, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for art and creativity.

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Remarkable Entertainment Experience in Silverbird Cinema Ikeja City Mall

At Silverbird Cinema Ikeja City Mall, the delightful arousing sense of anticipation. Laughter and lively conversations fill the surroundings as eager individuals gather, with enthusiasm, ready to embark on their cinematic adventure.

Silverbird Cinema Ikeja City Mall provides comprehensive entertainment. The cinema boasts facilities and amenities that meet the needs of its visitors.

At Ikeja City Mall Silverbird Cinema, the goal is to deliver a complete entertainment experience. We take pride in offering top facilities and amenities that meet the diverse needs of valued visitors.

The Cinemas provide entertainment for various age groups, children and adults, creating lasting memories for all guests.

Location Accessibility

Ikeja City Mall is easily accessible, and the road to the mall is maintained, adding a touch of beauty to the urban landscape.

The Mall is located in Alausa, Ikeja, the central business district of Ikeja, the capital of Lagos in the Southwest part of Nigeria, and has access roads on three sides.

Honorable Customer Service

Experience is exemplary customer service. The mall attendances are friendly and committed to making every guest feels welcome. From assisting with purchases to providing guidance and support.

The caring and understanding from the mall attendance add extra satisfaction making the Mall a leading choice among visitors.

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Ikeja City Mall Store Offers

Ikeja City Mall (ICM) covers an impressive 22,223m2 of A-grade retail space and is the Nigerian busiest shopping destination. With over 700 parking bays, ICM ensures ample parking for shoppers. Housing 100 stores offer a delightful mix of retailers showcasing renowned quality brands. Shoppers will be delighted by the vast array of choices across various shopping categories, all within a diverse, comfortable, clean, safe, and convenient environment. At ICM, visitors can enjoy a seamless experience encompassing shopping, entertainment, and leisure under one roof.

Glance at the Offerings Available

Here is the extensive range of products and services to meet diverse needs and preferences, making Ikeja City Mall an impressive destination for visitors.

  1. Pamper yourself with indulgent salon services and treatments.
  2. Pharmaceutical products and services.
  3. A delightful collection of toys catering to kids of all ages.
  4. Extensive collection of books across different genres.
  5. Capture precious moments with professional photography services.
  6. Host and attend events.
  7. Indulge in artistic expressions and gallery displays.
  8. Indulge in therapeutic massages to relax.
  9. Let children have fun at the game arcade.
  10. Find clothing choices to suit your style.
  11. Dining choices and culinary experiences.
  12. Utilize professional dry cleaning and laundry services.
  13. Welcome to the ultimate destination for accessories.
  14. Selection of fashion for women, men, and children.
  15. Extensive range of footwear styles to complete your ensemble.
  16. Discover fragrances and perfumes to suit your perfect scent.
  17. Convenient banking and financial services.
  18. Delight in exploring the diverse selections.
  19. Discover a range of exquisite jewelry pieces.
  20. Discover personal care items and toiletries.
  21. Discover essential kitchen tools and accessories.
  22. Discover unique and thoughtful gift options for any occasion.
  23. Enjoy entertainment options designed for children.
  24. Enjoy the latest movies in a comfortable cinema setting.
  25. Experience the vibrancy of African fabrics in a dedicated section.
  26. Explore a dedicated section for sportswear and equipment.
  27. Explore a selection of home appliances to meet various needs.
  28. Explore a selection of stationery items for your writing and office needs.
  29. Find an impressive assortment of stylish watches to complement your look.
  30. Find a diverse range of beauty and skincare products.
  31. Find fashionable eyewear options to elevate your look.
  32. Find furnishings and décor items to enhance your home.

Please note that the list is based on the products and services discovered by our research team. There could be more.

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Ikeja City Mall Official Website

official website:


Business hours

Monday-Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday / Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm


Ikeja City Mall is a prime example of a successful shopping center and entertainment destination. Boasting a range of retail stores, dining, and recreational facilities. The Mall is a hub for leisure, business, and relaxation, promoting the economy of the Ikeja environment.

The modern architectural design creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors of all ages. Presenting excellent amenities, big parking spaces.

Its continued popularity underscores its significance as a prominent landmark and support for local commerce and social engagement.