Gas Cooker: Types, Features, Best Brands, And Prices in Nigeria

When buying a gas cooker, it is good to have versatile knowledge of the products to select the best that suits your need.

In this Content, we present details about Gas cookers, types, the best brand, prices, the best place to buy, and maintenance and safety considerations. I hope that is what you are looking for, then you are in the right place.

Gas Cooker

A gas cooker is a kitchen apparatus that uses gas for cooking, it consists of a gas hob, and Some consist of an oven or grill section. Gas cookers are used worldwide. Because of their efficient and accurate heat control, they are used for different forms of cooking. Gas cookers allow easy regulation of heat used for different cooking needs.

There are different types of gas cookers, starting from one to six or more burners, allowing you to cook one dish at a time or multiple at a time. They come in different sizes, designed to accommodate diverse kitchen spaces and cooking needs.

Gas cookers have a regulating button to control gas flow and adjust the flame power.

The oven section of a gas cooker is located below the gas hob, used for adjusting temperature controls. It is specially used for baking, roasting, and other forms of cooking that require enclosed heat.

Some gas cookers also have separate grill chamber, which is excellent for grilling and browning food.

Many chefs or cooking enthusiasts prefer gas cookers because of quick heat time, instant temperature control, and a consistent heat source.

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The importance of Gas Cookers

Across the world, many people have accepted gas as their best heat instrument for cooking. Gas cookers are used in many households and professional kitchens.

Here are some of the importance of gas cookers as follows;


Gas cookers provide direct heat, making them suitable for different types of cookware and cooking techniques, including frying, boiling, searing, and stir-frying.

Gas ovens in gas cookers allow for baking, roasting, and broiling, providing a wide range of cooking options in a single appliance.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas cookers help to reduce greenhouse gas emission, is far more environmentally friendly than electric ones, and it did contains less amount of nitrogen and other particles that are harmful to human and the environment and also the risk of electric shock that may occur due to error in electric connection if compare to an electric stove.

Essay to Control

A gas cooker is easy to control with an instant on and off button, and with a simple turn of the button the flame gets bigger or smaller, and the change in heat is accurate and immediate. Most professional kitchens prefer to use gas stoves rather than electronic stoves or other means of cooking.


Gas cookers do not rely on electricity to function. They are used for cooking at any time whether there is an electricity supply or not. It is reliability is in areas with unreliable power supply or during emergencies.

Fast and Even Heat Distribution

A gas cooker is faster than any other fuel, and the pans used on electric cooktops need to be perfectly flat for the heat to be able to be distributed evenly. The gas stove flames are designed centrally round to heat the pans straight, with no cool spots.


Gas is an economical fuel. LPG stoves and burners require less maintenance as compared to other cooking forms. The costs of operating electric stoves are noticeably higher in comparison. Natural gas tends to be less expensive than electricity in many regions, resulting in lower operating costs for gas cookers.

Safe and less waste

Gas is convenient and safe to use. It also ensures less wasted heat. As you turn off your gas cooktop, the flame quickly off, and the heat source vanishes, not so with an electric stove or other means of cooking which continues to emit heat after it is switched off. Gas stoves also keep your kitchen temperature natural because they emit less heat than any other cooking device.

Easy Maintenance

Gas cooker burners and other components can be easily accessed and cleaned, making it easy for regular maintenance. Gas cookers don’t have complex electrical parts compared to electric cookers, reducing the chance of component failures.

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Key Features To Check When Purchasing A Gas Cooker

Gas cookers, also known as gas stoves or gas ranges, are designed with different features, it we are wise to check for the one that has the features that suit your need before making a purchase. Because those features are different depending on the gas cooker brand, model, and price.

Here are some common features found in gas cookers:

  1. Gas cookers have one or multiple burners, ranging from one to six or more, depending on the model. Each burner provides knobs controlled for each burner flame for cooking.
  2. Modern gas cookers come with an electronic ignition system that automatically sparks the gas when the burner knob is turned on. Older models may require manual lighting with a match or a lighter.
  3. Many gas cookers have an oven compartment below the burners for temperature control, a cooking time, and a pit for baking, roasting, and broiling food items.
  4. The oven compartment of a gas cooker usually contains adjustable shelves to accommodate different-sized of multiple dishes.
  5. Some gas cookers come with safety features, a flame failure device that shuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out unexpectedly, and a thermocouple that detects the presence of a flame and ensures the gas flow is interrupted when extinguishes.
  6. Gas cookers usually have a cooktop made of durable materials that are heat resistant and easy to clean such as; stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic glass.
  7. Some gas cookers come with additional features like an in-build griddle, wok burners for high-heat cooking, simmer burners for gentle heat, or a built-in grill.

Types of Gas Cookers

Gas cookers come in various types, each offering different features and functions. Cooking gas Will best be classified under general types, numbers of burners, and by their sizes.

Here are the types of gas cookers as follows;

General Types of Gas Cookers

Freestanding Gas Cookers

Freestanding Gas Cooker is a standalone unit that combines a gas hob and a gas oven in one appliance.

Gas Range Cookers

A gas Range Cooker is Similar to a freestanding gas cooker, However, range cookers are typically larger and more feature-rich, often including multiple ovens, grills, and additional burners.

In-Built Gas Hob

In-Built Gas Hob is designed to be installed in a dedicated space in the kitchen. It has multiple gas burners for cooking and is often combined with a separate in-built gas oven.

In-Built Gas Oven is a standalone unit

In-Built Gas Oven is a standalone unit designed to be installed at eye level. It is combined with a separate built-in gas hob or is used independently.

Gas Double Oven

Gas Double Oven as the name suggests, a gas double oven features two separate ovens stacked vertically. This type of gas cooker allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures at the same time, making it convenient for multi-tasking in the kitchen.

Gas Grill Cooker

A gas Grill Cooker is a specialized appliance that focuses on grilling. They usually have a gas-powered grill section, sometimes combined with a small oven or hob for additional cooking options.

Tabletop gas cookers

Tabletop gas cookers are compact and portable, designed for use in small kitchens, camping, or other outdoor activities. They have a small gas hob and oven.

Types of Gas Cookers By Number of Burners

Gas cookers can be categorized based on the number of burners. Here are the common types of gas cookers based on the number of burners;

Single Burner Gas Cookers

Single Burner Gas Cookers are the type of gas cooker that has a single burner and they are compact and portable. It is suitable for small kitchens, camping, or as an additional burner for specific cooking needs.

Two-Burner Gas cookers

Two-Burner Gas cookers are the type that has two separate burners, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. It provides more flexibility in meal preparation and is suitable for small to medium-sized kitchens.

Three-Burner Gas cookers

Three-Burner Gas cookers are the types that have a three-burner that provides an additional burner compared to the two-burner version. It has more cooking space and is suitable for larger households or individuals who frequently cook elaborate meals.

Four-Burner Gas Cookers

Four-Burner Gas Cookers are the types that have four-burner, they are a common choice for cooking multiple dishes at once. The burners are normally set in a square or rectangular configuration.

Five-Burner Gas Cookers

Five-Burner Gas Cookers, are types of gas cooker that has five burners, providing more cooking space and versatility. It is suitable for larger households or individuals who enjoy hosting gatherings and cooking elaborate meals.

Six-Burner Gas cookers

Six-Burner Gas cookers are types that have six-burners that provide the maximum number of burners commonly available in household gas cookers. It provides extensive cooking space and is chosen by professional chefs or individuals who frequently entertain guests.

Types of Gas Cookers By Sizes

Gas cookers come in various sizes to accommodate different kitchen spaces and cooking needs. The sizes of gas cookers are generally described in terms of their width. Here are the common sizes of gas cookers that you will find in the markets.

Compact/Mini Size

Compact/Mini Size: Compact or mini gas cookers are typically around 20 inches (50 cm) in width. They are designed for small kitchens or spaces with cooktop areas. They come with a single or double burner and may have a small oven or grill.

Compact/Mini Size

Compact/Mini Size are gas cookers with widths of 24 inches (60 cm) or 30 inches (75 cm). These sizes are suitable for most average-sized kitchens and households. Standard gas cookers come with 2 to four burners others include a single oven compartment.

Large Size gas cookers

Large Size gas cookers have 36 inches (90 cm) or wider. They provide extra cooking space they are chosen by individuals who have larger kitchens or have higher cooking demands. Large gas cookers come with five or six burners and may include multiple ovens and additional features like griddles or grills.

Consider the available space in your kitchen and your specific cooking requirements when choosing the size of a gas cooker. Additionally.

Top 15 Best Gas Cooker Brands In The Market

LG Gas Cooker

LG is a well-known international brand that produces reliable and innovative home appliances, including gas cookers. Their gas cookers combine sleek design with advanced features, providing efficient cooking performance.

Scanfrost Gas Cooker

Scanfrost is a trusted brand in Nigeria. They offer a wide range of gas cookers that are known for their durability, functionality, and affordability.

Haier Thermocool Gas Cooker

Haier Thermocool is a Nigerian brand that offers a range of home appliances, including gas cookers. They are known for their quality, reliability, and affordability, making them a popular choice for many Nigerian households.

Nexus Gas Cooker

Nexus is a brand that specializes in home appliances, including gas cookers. They provide a variety of models that cater to different cooking needs, offering features such as multiple burners, gas ovens, and grills.

Polystar Gas Cooker

Polystar is another Nigerian brand that offers a range of gas cookers. They are known for their trustworthy construction, energy efficiency, and user-friendly features.

Maxi Gas Cooker

Maxi is a Nigerian brand that produces a range of kitchen appliances, including gas cookers. Their gas cookers are known for their affordability, reliability, and functional design.

Century Gas Cooker

Century is a well-established brand in Nigeria that offers gas cookers with reliable performance and value for money. They provide a variety of models with different burner configurations and oven sizes to suit various cooking needs.

Binatone Gas Cooker

Binatone is a trusted brand that produces gas cookers with modern designs and user-friendly features. They are known for their quality construction and efficient cooking performance.

Bosch Gas Cooker

Bosch is a well-respected brand known for its reliable and innovative kitchen appliances. They offer a range of gas cookers with advanced features, durability, and energy efficiency.

Smeg Gas Cooker

Smeg is an Italian brand popular for its stylish and retro-inspired appliances. Their gas cookers combine modern technology with a classic aesthetic, offering excellent performance and design.

Miele Gas Cooker

Miele: Miele is a premium brand synonymous with exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Their gas cookers are constructed to the highest standards, providing precise control, durability, and worldly-wise features.

Neff Gas Cooker

Neff: Neff is a trusted brand that focuses on producing high-quality kitchen appliances. Their gas cookers are famous for their sleek design, functionality, and innovative features such as; pyrolytic self-cleaning technology.


Rangemaster is outstanding for its range of cookers, including gas models. They offer a wide selection of gas cookers in various sizes, designs, and colors, providing professional-grade performance and versatility.


Beko is a brand famous for its affordable yet reliable kitchen appliances. They offer a range of gas cookers that provide satisfactory performance, functionality, and value for money.


Siemens is a premium brand that focuses on cutting-edge technology and sleek design. Their gas cookers offer advanced features, intuitive controls, and excellent build quality.

The best brand depends on individual preferences, budget, and specific requirements. It is wise to research and compare different models to determine which brand and model suits your needs and preferences.

Prices Of Gas Cookers


Gas Cooker Maintainers And Considerations

Gas cooker maintenance is for safety, efficiency, and durability. Here are some important considerations and maintenance tips for gas cookers;

  1. A professional technician should install gas cookers. They will ensure proper connection to the gas supply, check for leaks, and features are correctly functioning.
  2. Always clean the gas cooker by brushing the cooktop, burners, and oven. Use soft soap, water, and a smooth cloth or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals or hard cleaners that will damage the surface.
  3. Remove burner caps and clean them with warm, soapy water. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to clean the burner ports and remove any food remains. Ensure the burner ports are clear to allow proper gas flow and flame distribution.
  4. Gas cookers require proper ventilation to ensure the release of combustion by-products, such as carbon monoxide.
  5. Occasionally inspect the gas connections, hoses, and valves for any signs of leakage. Apply a mixture of soapy water to the links, and if you see bubbles forming, it indicates a gas leak. If you suspect leakage, turn off the gas supply immediately, open windows for ventilation, and contact a professional for repairs.
  6. Clean the oven regularly, following the instructions of the manufacturer. Remove oven shelves and clean them.
  7. If you notice any malfunctioning components, such as faulty ignition switches, burner controls, or oven thermostats, contact a qualified technician to repair them. Avoid trying to repair gas-related issues yourself because it can be dangerous.
  8. Perform periodic safety checks, including testing the flame failure device to ensure it shuts off the gas supply when the flame goes out. Also, check the oven door seal is intact to maintain heat efficiency.
  9. Always refer to the user manual specific to your gas cooker model for maintenance instructions and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


It is wise to follow safety precautions when using a gas cooker.

Remember, if you have any doubts or concerns about gas cooker maintenance or repairs, it is best to consult a professional technician or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

It is advisable to have a professional technician inspect your gas cooker annually. They should thoroughly check, clean internal components, test safety features, and address potential issues.