40 Lucrative Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria

Welcome to Businessanthem. We present different business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, these business ideas provide good opportunities to create wealth and are capable of making you a boss as a lady whether you invest full-time or as a side hustle.

There are many reasons why ladies start their businesses. Many businesses have the flexibility to balance work and family responsibilities. Others want to be their boss and make their own decisions. Others want to add value or create a legacy for themselves and their families.

Ladies’ Business In Nigeria

Women in Nigeria are incredibly diverse, skilled, enthusiastic, and tend to be emotionally invested in whatever they do. They have continually proven over the centuries and years in different spheres of activities ranging from politics to education to entertainment and many more. Women keep reshaping the age-long perspectives attributed to them by primitive African traditions, myths, and mysticism.

However, some factors sometimes limit them such as what business to start, and limited access to capital, while some are limited to adequate skills.

Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria

There are enough profitable business ideas for ladies in Nigeria you should consider looking at where you can make serious cash if the business idea is well executed. Not all the ideas will suit your interests.

This list of best business ideas for ladies in Nigeria will show you the different business opportunities to start making money from, whether full-time or as a side hustle.

1. Daily Contribution/ Thrift

Helping people save their money while you also make money without stress is one of the best Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria.

Convince people to save with you daily and ask for a small percentage of their savings at the end of the year.

By year-end, return their money while you keep your interest. Be contented with what you have and Keep your mind open to prosperity.

Invest your interest with reputable companies for annual returns or any investment you choose.

2. Primary/secondary school 

Private primary and secondary schools are highly patronized in Nigeria. Get approval from the Ministry of Education. Employ professional teachers, and construct furnished classrooms, offices, basketball courts, etc. Design curriculum, and extra-curricular action

3. Hairstylist

Hairstyling is one of the services rendered that are in great demand all over the world and Nigeria is no exception. Hairstyling does not require huge capital before venturing into it. A good thing about this business idea is that you can rent a place for it or work at home and save money on rent. Aside from your skills in hair styling, special tools, and experience you also need customers. The more loyal customers you will have the more money you can make. You need to remember that this kind of business is a chain one and your good work will advertise your services.

4. Make-up artist

The makeup artist industry in Nigeria is very lucrative and growing at full speed. Makeup artists are in high demand for a variety of events and occasions, such as weddings, parties, and photoshoots. They are also in demand in the entertainment industry.

To be successful as a makeup artist, you need to have a strong portfolio that showcases your skills. You should also be able to work well with clients and be creative and innovative. If you have a passion for makeup, you can start by learning from a professional makeup artist on YouTube or Online. Then you can establish yourself once you have the skill. 

5. Catering Services

Catering Service is one of the best business ideas For Ladies In Nigeria. The cost of starting a food business will vary depending on the size of your operation and the location of your business. To start and run a successful food business in Nigeria, You will need to be a good cook, consult successful entrepreneurs in the food industry in Nigeria, and learn from their experiences.

Attend industry workshops held for women in the food industry in Nigeria to learn about techniques and new trends in the food business.

Catering service is one of the businesses that provide great opportunities for ladies in Nigeria to create wealth and become bosses of themselves.

It is possible to start and run a successful food business in Nigeria and make a difference in your community with hard work and determination.

There are other passive income revenue streams in catering Services, through brand partnerships, cook/recipe books, Adsense, YouTube, or starting a blog and webinars and courses.

6. Provision Shop

Opening a shop could be the best for you if you love trading. There are a lot of things you can sell: from groceries to household items.  You can retail cosmetics, beauty products, children’s and adult clothes, shoes, hair extensions, etc.

In retailing, your major investment may be the cost of renting a shop.  With a shop located in a busy environment, you can start to stock it gradually.  A budget of two hundred thousand naira (400,000 naira) can get you conveniently started in your retail business.

Search for things that are highly demanding in your area. Buy with major dealers in bulk or where it is sold cheaply to make plenty of gains.

7. Frozen Food Shop

Selling frozen food like frozen chicken, fish, turkey, and other types of meats is generally profitable. It is one of the Best Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria who wish to create wealth.

You need to have the equipment and the techniques involved in managing the frozen food business. How and where to source your products. A deep freezer and a generator are the major investments in the frozen food business because your products must be frozen at all times.

8. Boutique or Selling of Used Cloth, Shoes and Bedsheet (Okrika Business)

This involves buying clothes at cheaper rates and re-selling at a profit. Clothes are always high in demand because they are one of the primary needs of humans. So many ladies who started this business are now making a good living.

To succeed in this type of business you must develop sound a sound strategy for product sourcing and marketing. You will also decide whether to sell new clothes or used clothes.

Selling pre-used clothes is a very lucrative business.  In Nigeria, we call it okrika.  However, the selling of used clothes is not peculiar here.

Source for the clothes where they are sold cheap and re-sell at a profit. You can buy from people who import used clothes in bales, dry-clean, and neatly display them in your boutique.

However, there are risks associated with selling used clothes in Nigeria because of certain laws from the Nigerian government on the country band goods. This is one major thing in the used clothes business in Nigeria that you will need to understand properly. It will be wise to get some mentoring to know how to source your clothes, treat the materials, and price your products.

9. Restaurant Business

Food is a daily need for humans, everybody needs food to live and many people do not have time to cook, they depend on restaurants. This allows the restaurant business to become the best idea business for ladies to create wealth in Nigeria. There might be many food shops around, but you can still start your food restaurant and start making money.

The Restaurant is an organized setting where different delicacies are offered to the general public. Some Restaurants sell both food and drinks while others sell food only

However, you will need to have good cooking skills. So consider if this is best for you and start a restaurant business.

10. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service 

Laundry is one of the Best Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria, and the simplest low-cost business to start these days. 

All you need is to have a place where you can use it.  You can make wealth from this business once you start and master how the business works.

At the most basic setup, your major investment after renting a shop for an office may be a washing machine. Other tools you need include pressing iron, shelves and hangers, washing basins, buckets, and a good source of clean water and washing materials such as soaps, detergents, stain removers, etc.

The laundry and Dry Cleaning business is scalable.  Thus, with your small laundry business, you can easily grow and expand into industrial cleaning.  The opportunity in this space is huge.

11. Event Planning Business

Event planning is the art (and sometimes science) of event creativity, planning, coordination, and operation. They are key service providers who can ensure event production and execution happen smoothly. They perform these duties for trade shows, senior events, nonprofit galas, and much more.

You may want to consider becoming an event planner if you love hosting parties and the thrill of organizing a complex event and have to handle multiple tasks at once. You should become an event planner or start your event planning service if you feel that you would enjoy this kind of work.

12. Fashion Design Business

Before you start a fashion design business, you need to have good experience with basic equipment. These constitute a large proportion of your start-up and success in this business. Buy good quality, reliable ones, because breakdowns, later on, could cost your developing business.

On the flip side, no matter your plans for your fashion business, there are certain items you cannot afford to be without. The thread, for example, is the most important piece of equipment; whether knitting, mending, or sewing, the thread is essential and must always be available to a fashion designer in different colors. Other pieces of equipment like the sewing machine, needles, scissors, tape rule for measurement, an ironing table (which could also serve as a cutting table), tailor’s chalk, and pins are also a must-have for a fashion designer.

13. Mobile Food Truck

This is the process of using a cart, trailer, or vehicle to sell food or snacks from one location to another.

Although they use movable carts mostly, they always have permanent locations where they sell their food. The advantage of mobile food trucks is easy for them to move their food to anywhere their services are needed. But most times, they always have a permanent location.

14. Food Stuff Business

Selling foodstuff is one of the most profitable and best business ideas for Ladies In Nigeria to make money.

Foodstuff is everything that relates to what we eat daily, it can be beans, rice, millet, corn, and other grains. This is all about choosing a good location, sourcing for foodstuff at a cheaper rate, and reselling for profit. 

15. Online Ad Agency

There are advertisers and publishers on the Internet. Advertisers are the companies promoting their products or services and publishers are website owners where these promoted products or services (ads) can be shown.

If you excel in interpersonal communication, you have the potential to become an online advertising agent, bridging the connection between publishers and advertisers. Your primary responsibilities would involve compiling a list of publishers and presenting offerings to advertisers through specific packages.

16. Freelancing

Freelance writing involves writing for money without being employed by a company or organization. Freelance writers write for companies which in this case are their clients either from home or in a rented office space as long as they have access to an internet connection.

This requires a creative side where a freelancer composes whatever content their clients need, whether it’s magazine articles, website copy, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, internal corporate communications, or brochures.

However, freelance writers approach their work just like any other business. They sometimes seek new business and sometimes stay on top of record-keeping.

Their income largely depends on the type of work you do and your experience. Although being a freelance writer gives you a certain amount of freedom in your schedule.

17. E-Commerce

ECommerce is a platform that allows you to sell products online and get paid. All you will need to get started with your eCommerce business is a website. Once your website is ready, list all the products and start selling.

Once your website gains traffic, your sales will automatically grow.

If you are not in a position to get a website for your business, you can also sell on e-commerce websites in Nigeria.

18. Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer is a great way of making money for Nigerian ladies from the comfort of their homes.

This online business does not require money to get started and you will not need stock, or delivery means in affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, you get paid for referring new clients and customers to other businesses online.

19. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant partially helps their client manage their business as instructed by the client. This is one of the most popular online business ideas among women.

Just as the name suggests, you don’t need to be at the same physical location as the client to get the work done.

As a virtual assistant, you can do a lot from marketing, copywriting, bookkeeping, making travel arrangements, and SEO research to tracking personal appointments.

You can be a virtual assistant by offering any skills you are good at by combining them into a service package that caters to a certain type of client.

20. Become a Youtuber

Millions of people go to YouTube daily to entertain themselves with music, movies, and comedies or learn how to perform some simple tasks.

But what many may not know is the YouTube videos they watch make money for the creators.  A lot of money,  Some YouTube channels make Millions of dollars for the channel owners.

You can start your Vlog on YouTube today, and you can start getting paid for every view you get.

This is one of the trending aspects of making money online one of the best business ideas for ladies In Nigeria to engage in.  Over 2 million people log in to YouTube every month. 

What you need is to select a niche, create your YouTube Channel, create and upload engaging content; and then monetize.  But take note that before you can monetize your YouTube Channel, you must have at least 1000 subscribers.

You don’t need much to start a Vlog (or video blogging) which is another term YouTube is described.  A good smartphone and free editing software which are available online can help you get started.

Invest a little in camera and video editing software, and you are on your way to making serious money on YouTube.

21. Become a Blogger

A blogger is a person who shares their expertise and knowledge through an online platform. Blogging can be a virtual journal that you can use to document all your experiences and also it can be a place where you share educative information with the world.

As a blogger, you can make money from publishing sponsored posts, hosting third-party ads, or selling your products, on your blog just from the comfort of your home.

For you to build a successful blog, you need to focus on building an engaged and loyal audience. Having an audience-centric approach will help you cultivate a community that trusts you.

22. Online Tutoring

You can also earn money online by offering others classes at a fee on a subject you are perfect in. This can be teaching English, French, or any other skill.

So many people are always trying to gain new skills be it a language or maybe a skill like computer-related knowledge and if you are skilled in such you can offer tutoring at an agreed fee.

With your laptop and a reliable internet connection, you can do this in the comfort of your home.

23. Video Editing

Brands now more than ever need to add videos to their content library. However, some of these brands are not good at shooting and editing videos, and that is where you as a video editor come in.

You can assist your clients in shooting or taking raw footage that they have already and use it to create videos for them.

There are also many Influencers and YouTubers in Nigeria who find it hectic to edit videos for their platforms. So you can offer to edit their videos for them at an agreed fee.

As a video editor, you will need to have a laptop or a desktop and editing software. You can charge according to the side of the material to be edited or you can charge a certain amount of money per hour.

24. Start a Podcast

A podcast is equal to modern talk radio. This can be a perfect career choice for someone who enjoys talking and is good at it. You must create something worth listening to and that requires you to have excellent speaking skills to be a successful podcast.

Your podcast has to be entertaining, emotional, and also informative so you need to make sure you choose a niche that meets those three. The essentials you will need to start a Podcast business are Standard grade microphone, recording, and editing software.

25. Customer Service Representative

Many companies mostly startups and small brands have to offer customer service but it’s at some point need customer service representative support. They may decide to outsource customer service representatives to assist in serving their audience so they can focus on other important issues such as developing products and running marketing campaigns among others.

You can start your online business in Nigeria where you offer customer service support to brands. To be able to serve as a customer service representative to companies, you must be willing to learn everything about the companies you work for so that you can be able to help their customer in the best way possible.

26. App Developer

If you have an idea of an app you want to develop and launch then you can become an App Developer. To be an App Developer will require some skills. There are so many mobile apps for brands. Countless people prefer using apps as compared to the brand’s website when they use smartphones. 

You can also choose to use your mobile app developing skills by partnering with brands that require app development.

If You have an idea of an app but lack the required skills to develop one. What you will need to do to make it achievable is to collaborate with app developers out there to have it done.

27. Photography and Videography

Photography and videography. If you have creative skills in photography and videography, it will be good for you to start your own business. Buy your camera, and create a website. You then need to rent a studio. Get some professional skills by working alongside a professional photographer or special training center. And then buy cameras, high-quality lenses, flashes, Photoshop, and a light room.

If you are interested in photography and videography, you can start your own business and provide services such as portrait and event videography and photography. Weddings, birthdays, corporate events, religious events, documentaries are just a few use cases.

28. Day Care

There is a market gap in providing care for toddlers before school age. Women who have a passion for working with children can start their daycare and provide care for children while their parents are at work.

29 Online Course Creator

If you are an expert or maybe have skills in a certain area, you can create an online course to help others gain that knowledge. There are sites such as Skillshare that can help you share your knowledge with the world and charge a fee for it.

You can make money passively by creating an online course and selling it to customers. You can also make active income by holding live Questions & Answers sessions to help your audience learn more about the topic and charge a fee for anyone who wants to join the live session.

30. Smoothie and Juice Bar 

Many people are now health conscious and care much about what they consume. fresh and nutritious beverages are now the choice of many people because of their nutritional content. The demand is on the high increase. Starting a smoothie and juice bar where customers can enjoy refreshing and healthy drinks is one of the Best Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria.

31. Mobile phone sales

With over 30 million mobile users, the phone business is now officially a Nigerian business. Since the introduction of mobile phones into the country, the demand for phones has seen a great surge. So if you’re not trained in this field and would love to venture into it you can simply get affiliated with training programs that will efficiently train you to become skilled in this field.

It is also no news that the sales of mobile phones are a very viable and lucrative business in Nigeria. You can start by leasing a small space and then erecting an umbrella or banner of some sort. Place a notice for customers to be aware.

32. Chairs Rental services

This business is one of the most lucrative and Best Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria, It is a simple way to create wealth. You will need some good numbers of tables and chairs to start.

33. Jewelry making. 

Bead-making is quite a lucrative business, a good business idea For ladies in Nigeria. You will need to enroll in bead training if you’re not already skilled. It will be wise to create an online platform to advertise your work.

34. Fruit sales

Here’s another business idea for ladies in Nigeria, because fruits are highly demanded in Nigeria. Fruit sales business yields high profits. what you will need is a good location and source of fresh fruit supply to set up your business.

35. Sales of honey

The honey business has huge potential. The value of global trade in honey and other bee products is very high every year. The important factor in determining your success is the quality of the honey you sell. So, you need to ensure you buy from a very genuine source.

36. Recharge card printing/ sales.

The possibility of making is high you can imagine the benefits of engaging in this business. An average Nigerian buys recharge cards every single day.

The first step is to register with a dealer or recharge card printing company, these dealers or companies will sell pins to you and you will use the pin to print the recharge card on your own. You will need a computer system, an active email, a printer, and preprinted papers from the dealer. This business is a lucrative and good business idea for ladies in Nigeria.

37. Betting agency.

An investigation by the News Agency of Nigeria (NA) revealed in August 2014. About 60 million Nigerians between 18-40 years of age may be spending up to 1.8 billion on betting daily.

What you will need to start and run this business is to rent a sizable shop space in a residential area with a predominant population of youths. Acquire Some computers, a printer, a generator set, and furniture. A licensing fee is paid to the sports betting platform you choose, create an account with them for your cafe, and acquire training for yourself and your staff on how to properly run the business.

38. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is another good business idea for ladies in Nigeria, poultry products like eggs and chicken are in high demand in Nigeria.

What you need in this business is to Build a standard poultry farm for egg and meat production. Construct poultry houses, and procure day-old chicks, feeds, vaccinations, and equipment. Engage qualified persons to manage breeding, feeding, healthcare, and processing. Get egg trays, and develop a strategist of distribution to make good sales.

39. Beauty Shop Business

This kind of business specializes in the beauty appearances of people from head to toe. Beauty services and products are wide. You will need to choose an area of specialization or choose the areas that suit you.

A full beauty salon products and services shop offers include massage, haircuts and styling, hair color and perms, manicure/pedicure, tanning, waxing, and practically any and every type of personal care. Some salons specialize in one or two different areas. For example, salons such as Great Clips offer cuts, styling, and perms but do not color hair, while Master Cuts offers cuts, color, perms, and styling.

A nail salon specializes in nail care services and products from a simple manicure and pedicure, up to and including acrylic and gel nails and paint designs.

Some are tanning salons that offer tanning services, from spray tans to tanning beds.

40. Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer is someone who leverages social media channels to influence followers’ buying decisions. Successful influencers typically present value on social media with quality content that shares specialized knowledge, or insight into a niche topic.

Influencers also build relationships with an audience to engage and build a loyal follower base. Their work ranges from TikTok dancers, engaging audiences on social media channels to posting details video inconsistencies.

Influencers have the potential to drive business growth. It is an exciting endeavor, you have the opportunity to inspire your audience, share your passions, and generate income. 

Final Words

Despite its challenges, starting a business in Nigeria can be highly rewarding. It demands careful planning and unwavering determination.

We provide the best answers about the Best Business Ideas For Ladies in Nigeria.

These businesses have a proven track record of creating multimillionaires and will continue to do so in the future.