Luxurious Bus From Lagos to Kaduna-Terminals, And Fares

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We present details about luxurious buses from Lagos to Kaduna, terminals, transport fares, and tips about traveling on Luxurious buses.

Brief Abaut Kaduna

Kaduna City, Kaduna state capital in north-western Nigeria, is located on the Kaduna River. The name Kaduna is derived from the Hausa word “kada” which means crocodile. The name was given because of the crocodile-infested Kaduna river. It is not easy to view crocodiles basking by the rocky riverside in other rivers in Nigeria. This is why Kadauna is known as the Crocodile City.

Kaduna is a trade center and one of the largest and most industrialized cities in Nigeria. It is also a big transportation center for the surrounding agricultural places with its road and rail network.

A big visitor attraction in Kaduna is the yearly Kaduna Festival of Culture and Arts which takes place in November/December. There are different sights to visit in Kaduna such as Kagoro Hill, Ancient Nok Settlement, and the Kamuku National Park.

Luxurious Bus From Lagos to Kaduna

Traveling by luxurious bus from Lagos to Kaduna is a more suitable, cheaper, and more flexible means compared to air travel.

There is relatively little documentation involved in booking a bus ticket from Lagos to Kaduna. It is essential to do your background check on the prices of bus tickets when traveling between these cities.

Luxurious Bus transport business in Nigeria does not travel only from Lagos to Kaduna in Nigeria. They travel to most of the cities in Nigeria, like Lagos to Kano, Abuja, Aba, Port Harcult, Onitsha, Calabar, Sokoto, Maiduguri, and even Lagos to Ghana, and more. They run to and fro linking many states and local governments in Nigeria and more.

In this article, we’ll examine the fares for luxurious bus tickets from Lagos to Kaduna, offered by various road transport companies. We will also consider the estimated duration of the road trip by Luxurious Bus from Lagos to Kaduna.

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Popular Luxurious Bus Companies That Travel From Lagos to Kaduna

Here are some of the Popular Luxurious Bus Companies That Travel From Lagos to Kaduna

  • Silver Luxury Travel and Freight
  • Landstar Express Service
  • Cross Country Transport

Luxurious Bus from Lagos to Kaduna with Terminals in Lagos

Here are Lagos Terminals for Luxurious Bus from Lagos to Kaduna.

Silver Luxury Travel and Freight

Lagos Terminals:

Iddo, Lagos

Booking (Iddo): 08187155929

Ijora, Lagos

Booking (Ijora): 07061537048

Agege, Lagos

Booking (Agege): 08187155926

Take-off times: 12 Pm

Visit the official website of Silver Luxury Travel at for online ticket booking.

Landstar express Service

Landstar Agege Terminal
Address: 195 Old Abeokuta Rd, Papa Ashafa, Lagos 102212, Lagos

Phone: 0812 740 2644

Lagos (Iddo) Park

Ebute-Metta Terminal

Address: Iddo Shopping Complex, Ebute-metta, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State.

Phone: 08177775348, 09060009071, 07069790425

Visit the official website of Landstar Express website at for online ticket booking.

Cross Country Transport

Ajah Terminal 1

Ikota Shopping Plaza, Ajah, Lagos State

Ajah Terminal 2

After Abraham Adesanya Round About, Lekki-Epe Express Way, Ajah, Lagos State

Cele Terminal

158, Atinuke Complex Okota Road, Isolo, Lagos State


Ikotun Terminal

22, Ikotun Egbe Road, Opposite Synagogue Church, Of All Nations, Ikotun, Lagos State


Maza-Maza Terminal Lagas

Badagry Express Way By Festac Gate


Yaba Lagos Terminal

345, Muritala Mohammed Way, Opposite The Presbyterian Church, Beside Conol, Yaba, Lagos State


Jibowu Terminal

12, Ikorodu Road, By Immac Group, Chicken Republic Building, Jibowu, Lagos State


Luxurious Bus From Lagos to Kaduna Booking

You can book tickets for Luxurious Bus trips online, or visit their terminal, or call their terminal contact number for more details.

Luxurious Bus From Lagos to Kaduna Online Booking

Booking a bus ticket from Lagos to Kaduna has been made very easy. You don’t have to visit the offices or the terminals of the Luxurious bus company you are going with to book a ticket. Provided you have access to a good internet connection and a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, you can book tickets for Luxurious Bus trips online. Even within the confines of your room, you log on to the website of your preferred bus company. You can book tickets online by providing details necessary passenger information, the date and time of take-off, and your seat number.

After completing the payment, you will receive the trip details, which will include information such as the take-off date and time, your assigned seat number, and other relevant details.

To have the best deal, compare prices and operational standards among various luxury bus transport companies when seeking bus tickets.

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Luxurious Bus From Lagos to Kaduna Transport Price

The Transport Fare for Luxurious Bus From Lagos to Kaduna is between 25 to 50 thousand naira

The best way to access Luxurious Bus From Lagos to Kaduna price is to visit their website and enter your travel details, including your departure time and destination terminal, travel dates, and the number of passengers. The website will display available buses, fares, and travel classes. Follow the prompts select your preferred bus, and process your ticket booking.

Or visit their terminal or call their terminal contact number for details.

How long Does it take to Get from Lagos to Kaduna by Road

The distance from Lagos to Kaduna estimated distance is 771 Km. So, traveling on a Luxurious bus from Lagos to Kaduna takes 18h 20 m

The duration depends on the speed of the vehicle and the route. On average, the trip is between 18 and 20 m This depends on the take-off terminal and the condition of the vehicle. Some vehicles get to Kaduna a few minutes or after the estimated.

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Tips About Traveling on Luxurious Bus

It is vital to bear in mind that all transport firms provide different qualities of relaxation and service. So, the initial step to picking your bus would be to make a full inquiry before buying your bus tickets from Lagos to Kaduna.

Nigeria is a big and diverse country with numerous cities and rural areas. Most time long-distance travel is required. Luxurious Bus companies in Nigeria present convenient Night buses and have become a popular alternative for travelers with the opportunity to save time and travel while sleeping. Luxurious bus companies in Nigeria usually operate comfortable buses equipped with reclining seats or sleeper berths. The level of comfort offered by these seats or berths varies depending on the bus company.

The way you dress influences the reactions of others when you engage in conversation with them. when traveling on the Luixurus bus it is best to dress modestly. Don’t overdress, you risk giving off the wrong impression and drawing unwanted attention to yourself, and don’t dress too scanty you will disple.

Always Keep your personal belongings secure, don’t display valuable items openly, and remain vigilant.

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Safety is a top priority for most popular Luxurious buses traveling from Lagos to Kaduna and other destinations in Nigeria and beyond.

They have put in place measures to guarantee the safety and comfort of their passengers. Their buses undergo regular inspections and are meticulously maintained to adhere to the most stringent safety standards.

The drivers undergo intensive training and strictly follow safety protocols, ensuring passengers feel secure throughout their journeys. Luxurious buses in Nigeria boast an expansive route network that spans major cities and towns throughout the country as one of their prominent features.

Luxurious bus traveling experience in Nigeria offers several advantages. The deluxe bus journey not only conserves time but also enhances overall productivity. Upscale bus travel in Nigeria typically commences its journey in the evening. During overnight trips, passengers can rest comfortably, awakening at their destination feeling refreshed and prepared for the day ahead. Moreover, night bus travel often avoids heavy traffic congestion, resulting in smoother and more efficient journeys.