Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking, Contacts, and Terminals

Welcome to Businessanthem. Ifesinachi Transport Company is one of the best and most affordable transport companies in Nigeria. Their goal is to serve the logistics needs of their esteemed. The company has won multiple awards.

About Ifesinachi transport

In the year 1965, the Ifesinachi Transport brand was founded by the late James Ogbonnaya Mamah, a native of Enugu State, Nigeria. He began the business with a truck, he provides diligence and good services to his customers.

Though it is a company on its own, Ifesinachi Transport started officially in the year 2000, and 10 years after that in 2010, Mr. James Ogbonnaya Mamah was late, after his death, Chukwuemeka Mamah one of his sons took over the mantle of the company.

Just like his father Chukwuemeka Mamah was able to excel in his tenure and this has helped the company expand beyond expectations, They now boast over 1000 fleets of buses, and thousands of Toyota Hiace Buses, with over 3,500 staff.

Ifesinachi Transport Company is famous for transporting people and goods in the Eastern states and from Lagos to Abuja and other Northern States in Nigeria.

Benefits Of Traveling with Ifesinachi Transport Company

Many travelers prefer using Ifesinachi Transport because of its affordable. Try out Ifesinach Transport and you stand the chance of enjoying the following:

  • Fully air-conditioned buses
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 100% comfort all through your journey
  • Night and Day trips
  • Different power outlets in the buses.
  • Excellent seats that prevent unnecessary body contacts
  • Ticket validity is 7 days so, perhaps if you miss your bus, you can still join another within the next 7 days.
  • Ifesinachi buses commence their journeys early, typically at 6 am and 12 pm. Additionally, you have the option to board in the evening at approximately 6 pm.
  • The maximum weight of luggage allowed is 10kg and should be well packaged/bagged, if your luggage exceeds that you will be charged for any extra kg.
  • You can also take advantage of Ifex Express Logistics so you do not pay extra charges for your luggage if you have huge luggage.
  • There is a 30% discount slash for children if you have kids traveling with you and this is strictly for children within the age range of 2 – 10.

Ifesinachi Transport Bus Variants

  • Sienna cars
  • Coaster buses
  • Hummer buses
  • Luxurious buses

Ifesinachi utilizes the buses listed above and they are well-equipped for comfort


They care about the safety of children and have provided a massive discount of 30 percent when you make bookings for children online and 30 percent when you make bookings over the counter. However please note the following;

Ifesinachi Transport child fare rate

1. The child fare rate applies solely to youngsters aged 2 to 10.

2. Children in this age range must be accompanied by an adult when traveling.
3. Granting of child fare rate is upon tendering a photocopy of a valid means of identification for the child.
4. Ifesinachi Transport does not accept reservations or offer transportation for unaccompanied children below the age of sixteen for any itinerary.

The core values of the company are ensuring affordability, accessibility, and sustainability of excellent road travel for clients.

Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking

Take advantage of Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking at com/Ifesinachitransport for your next trip. Apart from using the online ticket booking method, you can also book your ticket from any Ifesinachi Transport Terminals nationwide.

  • Book Ifesinachi Transport online via your mobile browser or on your computer.
  • You will be greeted with a form where you are expected to select your departure state, departure terminal, destination, and preferred traveling date.
  • Proceed to make a reservation by choosing your preferred seat.
  • Make a secured online payment via your ATM card.
  • Once successful you will get your ticket number.

Ifesinachi Transport Terminals and Contact Numbers

The company operates on a high standard so, there are specific locations for take-off and offload. These locations or terminals are strategies in different cities or states in Nigeria.

Here is the comprehensive roster of Ifesinachi transport terminals across Nigeria, complete with their respective addresses and contact phone numbers:

Abakaliki Terminal Contact

Adress: 6, Ogoja Road, Abakaliki

Contact Number


Ibadan Terminal Contact

Adress: 73, Oyo Road, Beside Grandstan Hotel, Mokola, Ibadan

Contact Number


Aba Terminal Contact

Address: 15, Milverton Road, Aba, Abia

Contact Number


Port Harcourt Terminal Contact

Adress: 114 Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt

Contact Number


Owerri Terminal Contact

Address: 14, Douglas Road, Owerri

Contact Number


Jos Terminal Contact

Address: T1, Jubilee Kenya, Jos

Contact Number


Utako Terminal Contact

Address: 22E, Ekukianam, Utako District, Abuja

Contact Number


Upper Iweka Terminal Contact

Adress: Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra

Contact Number


Makurdi Terminal Contact

Adress: 90, Gboko Road, Wurukum Roundabout, Abakaliki.

Contact Number


Jibowu Terminal Contact

Adress: 2/4, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos

Contact Number

08070591876 08070591875 08070591887

Enugu Terminal Contact

Adress: 2, Okpala Avenue, Enugu

Contact Number


Ifesinachi Transport Services

  • Passenger Transportation
  • Courier Services
  • Ifex Express Logistics
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Bus Chater/Hire Services

Passenger Transportation

Ifesinachi Transport Company is one of the best and most affordable transport companies in Nigeria. They now boast thousands of fleets with over 3,500 staff with various vehicles such as Sienna cars, Coaster buses, Hummer buses, and Luxurious buses

Courier Services

Ifesinachi Transport Company operates a subsidiary known as “Ifex Express Limited. The company is entirely dedicated to rendering optimal courier services in every part of Nigeria. The company’s haulage infrastructure is superb, making the company highly efficient in carrying out assigned tasks when hired. Your goods will be delivered intact, whether they are light or heavy. Not only is their service dependable, but with reasonably priced.

Ifex Express Logistics

Ifesinachi Transport subside company Ifex Express Logistics delivers affordable and reliable logistics solutions with exceptional efficiency. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, They harness all available resources to provide a seamless and customer-centric experience that exceeds expectations.

As a premier courier and logistics firm headquartered in Nigeria, we are proud to transform the landscape of goods transportation and delivery, both domestically and internationally.

Hotel Derives

Ifesinachi Transport Company also provides top hotel services in Nigeria. You will find Grace Manor Hotels in different cities of Nigeria. Enter one now and enjoy excellent hotel service.

Bus Charter/Hire Services

Whether you are renting a car or bus in Lagos, Ifesinachi Transport Company provides the flexibility of having a vehicle anytime you want. Travel around Nigeria in a clean and virus-free car or bus, as well as the assurance. With a wide range of vehicles to select from, Ifesinachi Transport Company offers convenient Car and Bus Rental options; with or without a driver, to drive down to nearby cities or to manoeuvre through traffic as you head from one important business meeting to the next. Also, with a self-drive Car Rental from Ifesinachi Transport Company, you have the freedom to move around and explore places at your own pace.


Ifesinachi Transport Company offers convenient transportation and Bus Rental options, you have the freedom to move around and explore places at your own pace. They Provide affordable and flexible vehicles anytime you want, as well as the assurance of a sanitized and virus-free car or bus for your trip around Nigeria.